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Chapter 16 Page 26

January 17th, 2018

Chapter 16 Page 26

Talons enjoys trash talking. Must be a property of fire. As an earth spirit, Sings-to-Moon is always eyes on the prize. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see a preview of what happens next!




    Are the “In which” descriptions of chapters 15 and 16 supposed to be the same?

      Nope. The file must have been overwritten on the page. Fixing now. Correct description is:
      Chapter 16: Consuming Fire
      In which desires run unchecked, ambition burns the ties that bind, and patience is rewarded.


    Um. Am I the only one who never really cared all that much for Viv, and I’m still over here rooting for JassTal, or whatever we’re calling him? (I know, I know, it’s not going to end well for him, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy every one of scenes until then.) ^_^


    And here we have the plot point to explain how Jassart and Talons (JassTal? Talart? Jasslons?) will get away and be a significant antagonist in the rest of the story, instead of just a speed bump forgotten about after this chapter.


      I don’t think there was ever a chance of JassTal (good name) being a “speed bump.” By my reading, they’re THE antagonist of Snow by Night, period; we’re now rapidly approaching the climax; and there’s not going to be much of a “rest of the story” once they’ve been dealt with.

      Speaking of JassTal, I’m surprised no other commenter has compared Jassart to Ardon in Will Save World for Gold, another character who’s made a Faustian bargain with a powerful evil being in a fantasy-RPG-inspired webcomic. They’re pretty different as characters – whereas Jassart’s a righteously angry outcast, Ardon’s more of a gleeful sociopath – and while Ardon seems to have the upper hand over the Nightmare Spirit (or at least, he’s convinced he does), I don’t think it’ll take Talons long to use Jassart up and throw him away. On the other hand, Jassart and Ardon DO seem to have the same hair … :-)


    “What about Jassart?!” Really Viv? She’s still thinking about that psychopath? Or is she hoping he’ll get sealed away too?

      Viv is an officer and cares about her team, even if they don’t deserve it.


        I would hazard to guess that she’s also a strong believer in redemption, which is another positive character trait.


        So, that comment about leaving others to die is going to be pretty tempting bait then.


        If she believes Jassart to still be on “her team” then she’s more delusional then she represents herself as…


        Really? I’d rather have attributed that noble worries for Jassart to having a kind heart inside and/or really having been in love with him and not being quite ready to give up on him yet. The officer part of her should rather vote for having Jassart executed by a firing squad, after his obvious treachery.

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