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Chapter 16 Page 16

December 4th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 16

Bad choices, man. Bad choices all around. Jassart does not like to be bossed around and does something very foolish. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic vote incentive to see what happens next.

Our Volume 3 Kickstarter was successful! We made it on the last day, but we made it and that’s what counts! Wooo hooo. Thank you, everyone! And now I get to do a lot of work over the holidays. But I love it. And you’re going to love these beautiful books!

Happy Kit



    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Master of Stupidity!


      Yep certainly that, and an easily manipulated master say the right words and he falls like Lawrence, to his new friend from the other side. His flaw really is his problem with authority which I find interesting that he doesn’t want other people to have it, but he does it is a greed that is finally going to burn back.


    Blaise/Snow-By-Night vs. Jassart/Talons-That-Seek

    I am really looking forward to that showdown.


    Viv makes a bad choice! And Jassart makes a bad choice! Bad choices for everyone yaaaaay!


    Really nice chapter. So far, it seems like Snow is removing a bit “spirit” and now Jassart is adding some? It’ll be interesting to see where this leads.


    You were supposed to bring balance to The For……..wait, wrong movie.


    Now would be a very good time for Chekhov’s rifle to earn it’s keep.


    Jassart channeling Palpatine: ” No…no, no, YOU WILL DIE!!”

    Introverted Chaos

    So… were you trying to make both sides of your face match, Jas…?


    Well she is not the boss of you now, and no she won’t command you, but Talons-that-seek is now. Oh and last page it was mention of end of chapter deaths. Peneolpe didn’t really die he glamour just broke, and then she got a nice body.


    Silly Jassart, you summon your Persona by ripping the mask off your face, not by forcing it on!


    It’s up to Toothy-Kit to save the day! :)

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