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Chapter 16, Page 10

November 13th, 2017

Chapter 16, Page 10

Back to Jassart and Vivienne as they make a discovery deep in the heart of the caves beneath Sherbourg. To get a preview of what happens next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

We’re on our way back from Indigenous Comic Con! It was a fantastic experience. It’s such a creative and vibrant community. We love this convention and are proud to be a sponsor of it. We’re looking forward to ICC2018!

Our Kickstarter for Volume 3 continues! We’re closing in on reaching 1/3 of our goal. This is an excellent way to pick up all the books and we would love your support to get volume 3 printed!


    Introverted Chaos

    O0h, the Spirit World! (Waits for a wealthy heiress and a Water Tribe girl to go backpacking by in the background.)


    LITTLE bird? The nest doesn’t look so little …


    “Little,” he says, as they walk up to a nest as big as the two of them combined. I’ll bet this “little” bird really likes shiny things too, huh?


    Are those claw marks on the walls and floor … if so will Jassart’s inevitable eventual re-roasting be preceded by evisceration?

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