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Chapter 15, Page 8

May 8th, 2017

Chapter 15, Page 8

Defiant Elk introduces Willem to the rest of the team. Oh, wait. Someone is missing? Where’s Snow? And is it now spring? YIKES!

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I’m starting to get very excited for the Wonder Woman movie. The idea of setting it during World War I was sheer brilliance. Nothing shows the horrors of war like trench warfare, and Diana will gleam like a star against the mud of the Somme.


    Falling Star

    Ooooh, are they planning on making some sort of √¶theric snow body that doesn’t melt so that Snow-by-Night can be around all the time?

    Aeternus Doleo

    Anyone taking bets that that “strange man who pays well” is Cienan? Or whatever Cienan calls himself in Kleef?


    Gearing myself up for a “what has it got in its pockets, precious?”


    I reckon, considering that most of this story takes place in a French colony oriented basis, that Gallic is a form of French?


        Actually, I was wondering: How does a French (language) analogue exist?
        While reading through the archive, I noticed you mentioned the roman empire was far less powerful in this world and didn’t “erase” parts of Gallic culture like women being in the military. But that would mean Saronne’s language wouldn’t have Latin roots like french does.

          Rome’s influence was felt in ways other than militarily. Italy would still be a major trading partner for Gaul and has a strong culture that would influence its neighbors. That Latin mixed with the native Celtic and/or Germanic languages and produced Gallic. If that answer doesn’t satisfy, you can blame it on the writer being lazy and not wanting to invent an entire new language.

    Kate from Iowa

    House of stone and wind? Are there maybe other spirits there?


    Where’s Snow? Obviously in Blaize’s pockets. But yes, she wouldn’t be useful with no snow around much …


    Welcome back, Blaize, even if it’s just the back of your head! :)

    *Regarding the Wonder Woman movie, I’d like to say I’m excited for the movie, because it’d be nice if the character finally got a good treatment on the big screen, but given DC’s recent offerings I’m not optimistic. Granted, they don’t have the creative control on their content that Marvel does, but you’d still hope that they’d do a better job and not make a foolhardy attempt to catch up with Marvel’s MCU, which has been in progress for nearly 10 years already.

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