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Chapter 15 Page 4

April 3rd, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 4

General Sayre makes a gamble and a lot of threats. But is he bluffing? Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see a preview!


    Falling Star

    I feel like that guy needs to calm down a little.
    How about a long, relaxing walk down a very short pier?


    Interesting set up indeed, now will be what happens next. Some small places in colonial America in history supposedly surrendered, and then took what they could and burned their village to the ground to leave them with nothing. Again I state supposedly as the small town I am referring too has no actually evidence to support the claim the locals say is true.


    Good thing Talons-that-seek didn’t get found by this guy first.

      Falling Star

      REALLY. That would have been the worst thing for everyo—
      How do we know he WASN’T?
      How do you tell??


    I really appreciate the layout of the first two panels, with the opposing sides & their respective flags mirrored. That is some beautiful illustration there.


      I agree, Celidah! The whole page is beautifully designed to let you just feel the tense confrontation.


    If I had to wager? No, he is not bluffing and he is not threatening, he’s promising. Anyone in his position, coming prepared as he is, with a message as he’s just delivered, is not acting on impulse. Though I’m sure he’d rather not die, he’s not afraid to do so in order to carry out his task. General Sayre is a very dangerous man, and not one to underestimate.

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