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Chapter 15 Page 31

August 2nd, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 31

The experiment picks up speed. The fires begins to swirl around them. Blaise’s voice become thoughts that Snow-by-Night can hear. One page left in this chapter and it’s going to be a rough one for Snow. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see of yourself.

Otakon is next week! Steph and I will be there with Volume 1&2 of Snow by Night and Volume 1 &2 of Final Arcanum. We’ll also be bringing our fanart prints for the Age of Sail-or Scouts and War of the Worlds Voltron. It’s our take on two of the fandoms we love. Steph will be posting some on social media. So keep an eye on my twitter feed!



    The art in this is just so gorgeous


    As always it gets worse before it gets better…


    this is AWESOME

    Kate from Iowa

    And a few pages from now…

    Pieter: …you may now kiss the bride.
    Blaise: Wait, WHAT?

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