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Chapter 15 Page 11

May 17th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 11

Pieter meets the crew! Each member intrigues him for a different reason: Elk the studious, Kit the curious, and Blaise the promise-keeper. Pieter’s response means that it’s story time! Watch me and Julie summarize Snow’s quest in a single page. You can check out the lines when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Balticon is next weekend! Steph and I will be there with a lot of books! I hoped to have Vol 1 printed by then, but I decided to have almost-cancer instead. So the books are still at the printer, being mooshed together. I hope to have them in time for AwesomeCon next month!



    Ok fine. I liked the big guy instantly. :-D


    Hmm. Potent benefactor, or loose cannon (pun fully intended)? I’m looking forward to story time! :D

    Cpt. Deadeye

    You know what? He seems like a nice guy.
    Give the man a cannon, I say!


    Seems like a nice guy…

    Oh my God, there’re all doomed, aren’t they?


    I hope Pieter and Cienan get to meet.
    Super intelligent, affable, easy to like right away—he’s the final boss, isn’t he.




    Kate from Iowa

    Defiant Elk has spent this entire page looking like a cat that’s just stepped in something sticky.

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