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Know Your Place Page 8

March 13th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page v8

When you believe the worst in people, you bring out the worst in people. And Jassart is the worst. He compounds his crimes on the next page. See for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Julie is hard at work drawing pages for Chapter 15 Perfection of Spirit. Team Snow-by-Night arrives at their destination, but what they find is weird and not what they expected. It’s going to be sooooooo good. I can’t wait to share it with you.



    ‘When all else fails use fire.’ His spirit will approve of this.


    I think Jassart and the firebirdspirit are going to get along just fine.


    Darth Vader approves…:)


    The way Talons purred in the last vignette…does he enjoy Jassart acts of villany, or does he simply enjoys watching the world burn?


      Both of the above, I’d say. Though it is probably not primarily the villainy, but the burning rage in Jassart that he likes, the spirit probably doesn’t care much if his spirit dancer is enraged by a seemingly just cause or if he is inherently evil, as long as he is ready to embrace and channel the rage the spirit himself associates with. The story showed the spirit that Jassart is indeed the ideal vessel for him.


        I agree with that entirely, someguy. This part of Jassart’s past shows Talons-that-Seek that Jassart will not need to be Seduced by the chaos, he’s already a willing participant.

    that guy

    Heh. Somehow I knew it would end this way. No, not because of Jassart’s depiction so far, or something like this, it just seemed… predictable I guess.


    Sadly, I can say that a lot of people would probably act out like Jassart if put in a situation like that. I don’t think he’s evil at this point, but when seeking vengeance and acting out of spite, there’s not really much difference. Jassart has been put through some of the ugly parts of humanity and it has rubbed off on him.


    Holy crap. Up to this point, Jassart had been villainous but sympathetic in my mind. But the more I’m learning about him, the more I’m beginning to think that Blase has no idea how lucky he was by getting away from Jassart. This guy’s heading towards straight-up “monster” territory.


      Honestly, this flashback is more of a “Make your own villain” case. The guy’s mentor died, then they took his livelihood away and tarnished his repution until he had nothing to lose anymore.

      Is what he’s doing still wrong? Yes, but it’s not surprising at this point. Desperation can motivate some horrible actions.

      Kate from Iowa

      It really took you until now, even though he was perfectly fine with kidnapping Snow so that her life could be slowly drained away by an alchemist?


        I’m not saying he hasn’t done vile things in the present. Addressing that specific incident, I never thought Jassart saw Snow as a sentient being in the first place–just walking, talking ether–which would put what he did on a different level in his mind than, say, doing the same thing to a human woman. And he was hardly alone in that belief. In fact, it almost seemed to me that Blase’s view of Snow’s sentience was a minority view, at least among the colonists.

        But now, with these revelations about his past, I think that Snow being a human would have made no difference to Jassart, which puts him over from “sympathetic villain” to “sociopathic monster” in my mind.

        There’s a difference between committing monstrous acts & being a monster, I guess is what I’m saying.

        That was very long, but I hope it clarifies my earlier comment. :)


      Sometimes a man who’s lost everything will become a monster.


      Vengeance doesn’t exactly bring out the best in people.

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