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Chapter 14 Page 29

February 8th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page 29

Talons-that-Seek is confident that his interests will coincide with Jassart. But much of its power is hidden away inside the spirit realm.  But how to get there? Talons shows the way when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Webcomics!



    Um, penultimate panel. “heraing” should be “hearing”, I think.

    Love the manitou’s design!


      Yep. It’s hearing. I lettered this page while sitting in a hospital bed with a morphine drip. I’m surprised anything is spelled right. Anyway, FIXED!

    John Smith

    Oh damn, he’s Zuko isn’t he? Bitter, burned, now has some control over fire…

    that guy

    Hmm hmm hmm… I said Jassart knows how to con a manitou, now it looks like a manitou is about to con Jassart. Probably neither comes, I guess. Gonna be interesting to see how it works out.


    Proceed Carefully.

    ‘I want a steak, well done’
    *Gets cinders.
    ‘I want a new house.’
    *Gets cinders.
    ‘I want the hot lady I’ve been courting to notice me.’
    *Gets burned on the other side of his face.

    Cpt. DeadEye

    Careful, now, Jas.

    Aeternus Doleo

    “Our wants will coincide.”
    So, Berry will want to steal the shinies and impress the ladies… Reminds me of a certain crow spirit.
    And Jassart will want to burn Burn BURN everything. Well, he’ll soon be facing a military invasion, so… good opportunity to cut loose with fiery spirity wrath…


    TTS is confident that he and Jassart are on the same page.


    But I don’t know about thaaaaaat….


      I dunno, Landis963… A never-ending thirst for more power at the expense of anyone or anything around them? I think their wants and desires pretty much coincide already.

      Jassart goes on a spirit walk with talons that seek, he will come back understanding that the power he is bonded to belongs to him, and not to Vivienne.


        Up until the point, that is, where it comes to deciding who’s in charge. And at that point, Talons and Jassart might have a bit of a falling-out.

        (Also, I prefer “Landis”, no need to add the numbers)


          Landis it is! call me DLK… I honestly don’t see that as being a problem, to be honest. Talons-that-Seeks would probably be perfectly content as the power behind the throne, subtly pulling Jassart’s strings.
          Most important to TTS right now is that Jassart covet the power that he offers. The more power he gives to Jassart, the harder it will be for Jassart to break the bond between them. How Jassart uses that power is secondary (at least IMHO).

    Falling Star

    This has nothing to do with the comic, BUT:
    I just found this amazing webcomic that’s kind of like the steampunk fantasy dreamland version of Homestuck, and it’s called End of Infinity. It’s got a great story, awesome characters, amazing artwork, and so much potential!
    However, the comic does not have nearly enough funding for the creator, Carl, to keep it going, and it hasn’t updated since April 2015. Please, check it out, and if you want to keep this story moving forward, send your support somehow! Don’t let such a good story fall off the map!


    Aaaah… the art of ambiguous ansers… “Our wants will coincide” means that right now they don’t.


    “Our wants will coincide”….even if I have to force my will over you to make them coincide. Also you are bound to him now have fun with that if you remember in the stories he destroyed all the others, also if you fail and he seal again it sounds as if the fine fine teeny tiny print says you go with him. Just saying in my experience this is why we don’t make deals with spiritual entities no matter how tempting.

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