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Chapter 14 Page 27

February 1st, 2017

Chapter 14 Page 27

Talons-that-Seek shakes off the shackles of slumber and names Jassart his spirit dancer. See the fire manitou take flight when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’ve added Balticon to our list of conventions for the summer. I like this convention. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy literary con with lots of great writers and some incredible programming.



    I’m sorry, but that pose is SO accurate and SO adorable. I can’t take it.

    Falling Star


    Robert Wills

    When Cienan said he had to put the mask in the hands of someone who could use it, Mathilde assumed he meant her. I suspect he meant Jassart.


      Remember when Cienan asked Jassar for his real name? Maybe that’s not just because names hold power – maybe Cienan knows something about his ancestry we don’t.


      Given the conversation between him & Penelope, I’d agree with you. This was the intended result all along.


    Let’s see, we’re having spirit invasion troubles–a panther from the south, yes, as well as a unicorn from over the sea? And someone else from another point of the compass, I think, not to mention the problems caused by that bird who is after Snow.

    Talons-That-Seek can just line ’em up.


    I am gonig to be at vancaf that weekend.


    Cienan anticipated this. He isn’t leaving because of his apparent age, but because he must wish to destroy the settlement for some reason. Hes not from saronne but garthmoore and thus has no allegiance to it what so ever. I wonder what spirits he’s made deals with


      Wishing to destroy the settlement’s got nothing to do with it. True, he might have made a more concerted effort to protect the town (namely by keeping dangerous artifact A out of the hands of conniving idiot B) but I don’t believe he’s all that fussed whether or not Sherbourg survives. He might have warned Mathilde, though. (Although he also might have anticipated that she’ll remember the “Backstage pass” he’s given her and used that as an escape hatch)


        As others have said further down in the thread,

        I dont believe Cienan really cared whether Jassart got it. Jassart would have been suspicious if Cienan had just given it to him. Cienan knew Jassart would come to collect it and he also allowed Jassart to think that all of this is his own personal discovery. Im pretty certain that Cienan knows the destruction Talons That Seek will bring and him handing it off to Jassart is a pretty bold statement about what he envisions for Sherbourg. Hell, maybe this is a move made to sabatoge all of his home country or his home country’s main spirit’s enemies. He might trust that by setting Talons that Seek loose, he might be able to hurt local natives, colonists from saronne, and colonists from fantasy britain all at the same time. Seems like a pretty political move to me for someone supposedly not political. I assume the spiritual competition is connected to current political realities from the get go though.


          Maybe he’s more interested in magical politics than mundane politics. Imagine the activity among the spirits that this will shake up . . .


    Dammit Jassart, did you learn nothing from dealing with Snow?


    Oh….well rook, meet the godfather that is about to own your petty small time butt. Making deals with spirits when you have no idea how to deal one in the first place I see nothing that could wrong with this plane what so ever, nope, nothing at all. I see fire in your future foolish rook, and unlike the real world spirit raven who stole the sun and just had his feather’s singed black you are gone burn, baby burn.


    Talons-That-Seek seems remarkably‚Ķchill, for lack of a better word, for someone described as “mad.” He also has a very neat visual design.


      I agree about the visual design, Talons-that-Seek looks Awesomely kewl. as far as being chill though… I’m kinda getting a “Hannibal Lecter” vibe from him. Of course, I’m paranoid to begin with!


    Jassart the twice burned if he isn’t careful here.


    Still trying to figure out why he was allowed to have this and meet Talons-that-Seek!
    I really like him, though; he looks really cute sitting there all cozy on the fire logs.


    Yes… Now we get to see a crazy fire-eagle-spirit-manitou and a crazy Colonial criminal from Snow-By-Night band together and reinforce each other’s respective delusions about how the whole world turned against them! Oh, the villainy!!!


    I love Talons-That-Seek’s design!

    Welp, I don’t see any way this could go bad.

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