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Chapter 14 Page 25

January 25th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page 25

No words today. Just action. Please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see what happens next.

I just got back from the oncologist. I’m certified cancer free! Well, as certified as I can be. The tumor removed was just severe dysplasia with no evidence of cancer. So I’m being moved to monitoring mode, and I don’t have to do chemo. WOOOOO HOOOO! Yes, yes yes!

The doctor did say this is the only time he has EVER seen this happen. I feel like one lucky son of a bitch. Or in higher register terms, I’m fortunate and blessed. A huge thank you to everyone for all the support for the past couple months.



    “He took your girl, Jassart. He took your dreams. And he took your life! Blaise Dansereau…he took it all! Only thing you got left is your soul, and THAT belongs to me. Who am I? Let’s just say I’m God…YOUR god…at least, the only god that’s listening right now. What do I want? Ah, same as any other god: a little faith. For without faith, I am nothing. And without ME, you’re PESTED! She doesn’t have to die. I can help you! I can heal your wounds! We can save her, if you show me some faith…if you trust me…if you PUT ME ON…!”

    Sorry. I don’t know why that just slipped in there. :-D


    “P-A-R-T. Y?! BECAUSE I GOTTA!!!


    This is not going to end well…

    I’m glad that you are cancer free! One of my favorite comics, Lovecraft is Missing, ended because the artist passed due to an aggressive form of cancer. Cancer sucks.

    Good luck!

    ~ Puck


      Making webcomics is apparently very risky job. Lot of authors have serious health problems, or at least their relatives.


    Congratulations on the diagnosis. Still, I would assume if you were blessed you wouldn’t be suspected of cancer to start with. Unless you have been blessed after mentioning the problem here …


    Congratulations on the diagnosis: no chemo is awesome; monitoring mode is totally dealable. May you and those you love keep on being well!

    As for this page, ummmm, Jassart normally scares me a bit – I don’t deal well with selfish, willing-to-do-anything, ambitious types – but what he’s doing right now has upped the fear. Off to vote to see if it’s as bad as it looks!

    Falling Star



    Sorry to hear about the cancer, but glad you have a great diagnosis!!

    larry putnam

    Oh no it’s the “MASK” , “Smoking”.


    Wow, talk about an emotional roller coaster. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are very, very glad you don’t have cancer. Congratulations!


    Confirming you are a lucky SOB.

    As for the comic…….oh yeah, this is going to end well.

    I’m really glad to read that you’ve been found to be cancer-free! ^_^

    As to the page itself, as others have suggested: I see little good coming from this…

    Another commenter mentioned the proximity of fire to this attempted usage of the mask–looking back, I notice that the final frame, in which Jassart places the mask on his face, is framed such that the flames of the fireplace are included. Indeed, the lighting of that frame is somewhat split: cool blue on the right, and warm yellow-orange on the left–with the split falling more or less on the mask…


    Well! This has to be pretty much the best possible way to go from a cancer diagnosis. That friend who said you were one lucky bastard was even more right than it seemed at the time! Sorry about you having to go through all that stress and worry, though.

    Meanwhile, I’m happy to get back to my favourite rook. He and what he’s up to with the mysterious mask might yet become the spanner in the works that derails everybody else’s careful plans!

    Rob Parry

    I’m wondering if the proximity to the fire might ‘awaken’ the spirit.

    Or possibly Jassart’s previous fire-based wounds ?


    He’s had the mask for days but never once thought to put it on? o.o Maybe he was afraid to… like he suspected it would do something.


    And in the next strip he takes it off his face in frustration, saying: “I thought for sure that would have done something! Stupid magic artifact.” :)

    Glad to hear the health report there!


    WOOOOO! Praise the powers that be!
    Oh Jassart. Let me take an artifact rumored to be of incredible malevolent power that was guarded by mysticism and PUT IT DIRECTLY ON MY FACE.

    Eric Munson

    The number of problems in Sherbourg just increased. The quantity of change has yet to be determined… :O


    Great news Eric! Meanwhile, back in the comic, not so much.

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