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Chapter 14 Page 21

December 21st, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 21

Cienan doesn’t sparkle so he’s probably not a vampire. Regardless, he has to leave Sherbourg soon, and he need to train his replacement. This concludes the scene. I’m taking a two-week-long holiday break starting next week. The next page update is January 9. I’ll try to have everything set up and ready to go before I go in for surgery on January 11. Diane will be covering things while I’m out.

When we get back, it’s time for a war council with Marguerite and Vivienne! You can see how that is going when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics! Happy holidays, everyone!


I need to extend the hiatus till Monday Jan. 16. That will get me past my surgery. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers!



    Cienan: “By the way, Mathilde, back there, when I denied being a sorcerer? I lied. But you’re cool with that, right?” :-)

    So I assume that the surgery went well and you’ve been in remission for two years now?


    Good luck on your surgery, and apprentice…ooo. Also nice way of explaining his long life and aging. Its like a D&D wizard he obviously had no problem swallowing three live baby ferrets. I hope someone actually gets that joke on here.

    That’s what I get for not scrolling all the way down. Hope things go well.

    Eric Munson

    Having been “on the table” myself for a major operation, I empathize–and pray for good outcomes for you and some peace for your family!


    Please add my good wishes, luck, prayers, and happy thoughts to the pile. Sending an additional pile for family and friends, ’cause I know that the waiting can be as scary and difficult as the “being operated on.”


    Am I the only one who thinks Mathilde’s eyes look disturbingly vacant in that last panel, as if she has been put under a spell?

    It’s probably just me.


      I don’t think it’s a spell so much as a “What did I sign on for?” Deer caught in the headlights Kind of look


    Copy Paste all the good wishes etc. Good luck.


    Wishing you luck with your surgery!


    Just got caught up after vanishing for a while.

    We’re looking forward to hearing great news when you’re back from the procedures. Best of luck, Eric.


    Called it! I knew she had a supernatural reason to skip town on the other side of the pond! Not aging fast enough could qualify . . .

    Cpt. Deadeye

    That was a fun scene to read. Best of luck with your operation, we all wish you a full recovery.
    Why do I presume to speak for everyone? Because I can!

      Thank you! I’m in excellent hands at Inova Fairfax. I’ve got two more scenes for you in this chapter. I hope you enjoy those as well.


    How many Other apprentices does he have?


      What she must ask is how many apprenitices he had before, and what had happened to them. ‘Cause such things don’t come cheap, typically.

      Also, best wishes for surgery.

    Eric Munson

    I just gave a very dangerous artifact to a known hothead and his even hotter patroness, and now I need to skip town permanently. How conveeeeeenient!


    So Mathilde’s not going to get seduced by an immortal vampire in a hidden crypt. What a night of disappointments it has been for her.

    What an interesting chapter it has been for us, though! I’ll be eagerly awaiting for the continuation – see you all in January!


    Guh, now I REALLY want to just keep reading about Cienan.
    Does Mathilde get to learn the secret too?

      Yes. That way when I do the modern day sequel to SbN, Mathilde will still be one of the characters.

        Introverted Chaos

        Okay, seriously, don’t be messing with us here. ‘Cause I would totally read that…

        Falling Star


          I’m not messing with you. Mathilde could easily live another 300 years. I’d have to think on what she’s up to. Maybe a mysterious yet foxy librarian. Or maybe she owns a bunch of swanky clubs where she can watch the rich and powerful play their games…


          Only 300? Man, it must wear out quick, or be difficult to maintain, for that level of “immortality.”


        Sequel? Good … considering Snow by Night main story likely ends when she gets her hearth, and it would be cruel if it took that long. On the other hand, she, too, can still be character in that sequel, I would assume …

        BTW, Vampires don’t sparkle. They catch fire if they’re not cool enough.





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