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The Morantine discuss their strategy on Page 4 of Serpents in the Water. I was impressed at how you brought up points that the Lions of Morante address on this page. Great minds think alike…

The Morantine might have more immediate problems than the mountain passage. When you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics, you can get a preview of what that is.

Shifting from Snow by Night for a bit, I’m putting together a new project with the help of Diane, Steph, and about a dozen artists — The Tattered Weave. It’s a digital community with quests, collectables, games, and pets. If you’ve played Gaia Online or Flight Rising, you are familiar with this type of site. Diane talks about all the features on our YouTube channel. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Check it out.



    “Mes amies” is the feminine form of “my friends” in french. It would imply he is speaking to an exclusively feminine group :) Might just be a typo though, you seem to know french well.


      Unless the Morantine version of French reverts to feminine when there is a female officer present in the group, as there is here. Different culture.

        No, alas. It was a typo. I fixed it. I also clarified that war declarations were going to both Saronne and Kleef.


    Sounds like how Pearl Harbor was planned to happen.


    Presumably they’ll be a declaration of war going to Kleef too, as that’s the first place to be attacked. Of course, by the time the Morantines have invaded Kleef and gone overland a ship sailing direct to Aradie may have brought the news.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this sometimes happened in reverse. As I recall there were battles fought in the war of 1812 and the Napoleonic wars after a peace treaty had been signed.

      You are correct. The Battle of New Orleans was fought two weeks after peace was signed at the Treaty of Ghent half a world away.


    More accurately, a navigator who knows the waters well enough to sort out where to throw the bait sheep so the boats can sail by what lurks beneath.

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