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Chapter 12 Page 8

January 6th, 2016

The conversation just keeps getting worse for Viv on Chapter 12 Page 8. Abort! Abort! Abort!

I’m sure you all have had conversations like this with parents, teachers, and bosses. You lose the first argument and then lose additional unrelated arguments that you didn’t even bring up. And you walk away thinking to yourself, “Man, it would have been better to have never started this conversation in the first place.”

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    Bill Meahan

    Vivienne is coming across as a petualnt teenager rather than someone who could command a military unit, especially one that sees combat. Those don’t seem to jibe.

      Well, Vivienne is a teenager. She’s 19. In this era, command is bestowed on basis of wealth and birth — not merit. And not everyone is at their best all the time — especially when being chewed out by her dad.


    Interesting comment about “gloire.” Would Viv be sensitive about her Gloire Quotient? She is a military officer, after all, and thus should be rather prickly on that point, even though in her role as Aristocratic Female Attending Garden Party she showed that she couldn’t care less about Social Niceties for Ladies.

    Very very fascinating, to posit an aristocratic society where both traditionally masculine notions of Gloire and female-associated proprieties of behavior are all factored in to make one score for a marriageable woman.

    I’m curious to find out more about the “Gloire” scoring system.


    Other options would be to ask Cienan if she could borrow the mask (although that would need a good reason) or better, get Antoine to ask for it for academic study and then get him to hand it over to her. However I suspect an aristocrat like Vivienne isn’t used to politely asking people for things.


    I will accept suggestions you have for potential suitors.

    “Please produce a Powerpoint presentation with charts comparing the pros and cons of each one.”


    I know Cienan is merely reflecting the culture where he belongs, and that we weren’t any better not so long ago , but the way he talks about Vivenne like just another property to trade, in her face nor less, irks me a lot.


    Also agree. Cienan could handle her as well as anyone, but would he want to? /what was that? oh, very lovely of you to offer but a spouse would quite distract from one’s studies. Perhaps she would be happier with that ruffian I caught her with!


    Well for starters whoever marries her had best know about her Active military history and be able to hold their own with her. I mean she blew up a freakin Chimera!


    Yeah, I hate it when I get into those conversations about potential suitors for a political marriage. I always end up losing somehow.

    ;) Kidding.

    Can’t say I feel sorry for Vivenne a bit, although I have a feeling she’s not the kind so easily deterred.


    Not a problem. Marry Cienan. Then you can get him to give you the mask and that fancy musket you’ve always wanted.


      This is a good plan. Also, unlike other likely suitors, seems like Cienan will never bore her. Drive her mad with his secrets, maybe, but she won’t get bored.


        I suspect Cienan will not be in the short-list because he is ghastly new money, rather than a true aristocrat. Damn it, the man actually works for a living!

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