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Chapter 12 Page 13

January 25th, 2016

OMG so much snow here in Virginia. This is a taste of Canada for the weekend. I’ve been digging for two days and got most everything cleared out. If any of you were hit with this blizzard/nor’easter, I hope you’re safe and warm.

And hey, a new page for you! Jassart sneaks into Cienan’s maison on Chapter 12 Page 13.┬áTo see what he finds below, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics (evil cackling).



    No guards? Not even any servants? Yep, it’s a trap.


    Jassart’s expression looks like he might be missing his companion in crime.


    It fits very well with Cienan his carefulness and jassart his cockiness for this to be trap. I am very curious though what kind of trap. What is the game Cienan is playing?


    Of course, perhaps the true trap is letting Jassart take the psychotic soul-eating mask back to the governor’s manse.

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