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A Berry from the Sun Page 2

April 21st, 2015

The manitou cross the river to face the corrupted eagle on Page 2 of A Berry from the Sun. There are five manitou and five spirit dancers. The spirit dancers are from each of the five nations of the northeastern woodlands of Everique. Again, Cari Corene does a beautiful job painting them.

My favorite is the spirit dancer who is tied to Plays-in-Waves. She’s from the Maniquois nation, which, at the time of this story, occupied the coastline to the east and is crumbling from Japethic incursions. She’s the only spirit dancer they have left, and she is only 8 years old. They sent her to honor the covenant chain between the nations. It is the last action of the nation, as it loses the war of attrition with colonists and disease in the next generation.

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    … well, THAT can’t be good..


    The art is gorgeous! It feels like you’re falling into the picture or something.


    I also think that the art is lovely. However, I don’t think this page in particular lends itself well to the webpage format. I feel that it’s best viewed all at once; but webpages mean that I have to see the top third first, and then scroll down for the rest.


      You’ve got a point here – I tried viewing the image alone so I could see it all at once, and the composition works indeed much better.


    For what you commented back when you explained the “magic”of the setting, I assumed spirit walkers were diplomats specialized in dealing with the alieness of manitous. Now they are bound to spirit companions?


      I don’t remember addressing the spirit dancers before and a word search through the comments turned up nothing. Spirit Dancers have a spirit guide that they use to walk through the spirit realms. They form a strong association with one particular spirit guide. I am planning on adding a lot of information to the Almanac on this subject during Chapter 11.

    Introverted Chaos

    I *thought* that looked like Cari’s talented work. Lovely page, all around.


    …for VENISON. CHOMP! End chapter.

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