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Chapter 10 Page 2

January 6th, 2015

We continue where we left off in the last chapter on Chapter 10, Page 2. Snow-by-Night gets her bearings, as she talks to the Liranequois. Being a manitou, Snow-by-Night is more familiar with the native nations and customs than the colonists from Everique. To see the natives’ reaction to Snow-by-Night’s request, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

A couple of Kickstarter plugs I want to mention. The first is Moonshot, a project to create a 200 page volume packed with short stories by indigenous creators. it’s a fantastic project and worthy of your support. The second is SheNative, a clothing and accessory line by Devon Fiddler. There’s stuff for the guys¬†too!



    is it just me, or has Snow-By-Night Aged from this experience? She looks more mature than in the earlier strips.

    (Also, more compassionate: looks like she’s finding her heart!)


    The new art style is phenomenal. Really amazing. Kudos!


    I am LOVING this page. Its so gorgeous and Snow’s expression in the middle is perfect. The art just keeps getting better and better. Plus now I know how many details are on the back of her outfit.

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