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Chapter 1 Page 15

February 9th, 2011

Almanac References:  Liaze ToupinMilled, Riverside District

Page 15 is up. It’s a new day, and Jassart is beginning his investigation of the thief who is causing him so much trouble. The first place he starts is with Liaze, who runs a hat shop in Lower City of Sherbourg. She also has quite a number of secrets as you’ll soon see.

In other news, Ricky and Brittany will be attending Katsucon on Feb. 18-20. They both have tables in Artist’s Alley. Ricky will be selling his excellently drawn art while Brittany will have some exquisite handmade jewelry. Drop by and say hello if you’re attending.

I’ve also added a new panel from page 16 as an incentive for voting for us on Top Web Comics. Please give us a shout out on the poll.


    Nice page. I like the new character


    Hmm, is it Liaze or Liase? I’m going to assume that it’s the latter, since that’s how it’s spelled in the comic.

    Thanks for making a great webcomic! :-)


      Oh for the love of Pete. How did that slip through? No, it’s Liaze with a Z. Thank you so much for pointing that out. I’m serious about that. I’ve fixed that typo in the comic page. This is one of the wonderful things about webcomics. If I make a small error, it’s not forever locked in. At least until I print a chapterbook, but I hope to have all the kinks worked out by then. I’m glad you’re enjoying our tale so far. We have much more planned that hopefully will amuse and delight. The next page in particular evoked many comments from my artist.

    Hello! Needed to catch up. looking good!

    O.O what could possibly be in the box? :P

    see you guys at Katsu hopefully.


      Thanks Chez! I’m loving the back alley knife fight on Tamuran. Great work! I will be at Katsu on Friday and Sunday. I have family commitments that I can’t break on Saturday. However, Ricky and Brit are there all weekend.

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