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Laurent Rivière

First appearance: Chapter 1, Page 20

A known thief, Laurent Rivière (the name is almost certainly an alias) is a sharp, who plans and organizes heists. He does not have a regular crew that he works with; instead he hires canailles as he needs them. Laurent came to Sherbourg from Arcaneaux five years ago. His fellow rooks believe that he fled the old country to escape gambling debts. He is a passionate gambler. While he is a good player, he loves the exhilaration of taking risks and regularly overplays his hand. This applies to his night work as well. The gendarmes have arrested him several times, and he has spent days in the pillory.


Liaze Toupin

First appearance: Chapter 1, Page 15

A millner (a hat maker) who operates Jehan's Fine Hats in the Riverside District. In addition to her legitimate enterprise, Liaze is also a miller (a fence) of stolen goods for the various thieves on Iniquity Row. While her hat shop is successful enough that she doesn't need the money, she enjoys the excitement and danger of dealing with the underworld of Sherbourg. Liaze is married to Jehan Toupin, who is the namesake of the hat shop. Their marriage is a cool and distant one. Jehan allows Liaze free rein with the business as long as she turns a tidy profit and allows him to spend the money as he pleases. Meanwhile, Liaze uses Jehan as a cover of respectability for her illegal activities.