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Liranequois People

Defiant Elk

Defiant Elk

First appearance: Chapter 11, Page 11

Defiant Elk is the grandson of Distant Smoke and a cousin of Toothy Kit. He is also the sachem of the Liranequois from the Kahne'aké town of Tionnontego. Born in Tionnontego 22 years ago just as the Nine Years' War was ending, Defiant Elk was spared much of the bloodshed. He grew to be a strong man and was selected as sachem of Tionnontego last year by the clan matrons. He is respected by the other warriors and the backing of his grandmother Distant Smoke carried great weight.

Defiant Elk is a stern, stoic man. He keeps his passions fiercely bottled up, believing that showing emotion is showing weakness. In times of great stress, all those emotions come rushing out in a tremendous eruption that can be dangerous to those nearby. Defiant Elk has found the duties of sachem difficult because of the shifting balance on the frontier, but he is tremendously loyal to his town, clan, and nation and will do all that he can to defend them.

Distant Smoke

Distant Smoke

First appearance: Chapter 11, Page 5

Distant Smoke is a Wisdom of the Liranequois and the matron of the Fox Clan of the Kahne'aké. Distant Smoke was born 47 years ago in a town to the east of Tionnontego. When she came of age, she quickly proved to have powerful medicine and was taught the ways of the Wisdom. During the Nine Years' War, the Elakanois burned her town and took her prisoner. Along the journey to the Elakanois town of Stone Beach, Distant Smoke used her medicine to plague her captors. They grew fearful and released her and the other captives, who returned to the Liranequois town of Tionnontego. Distant Smoke was one of the strongest supporters of the Grande Entente at Ville Marcelet, hoping that peace would give her people time to recover. She has taken many lovers over the years and given birth to eight different children, half of whom are still alive. She has nearly two score living grandchildren, including Toothy Kit and Defiant Elk.

Distant Smoke has seen a lot over the years and not much surprises her. In almost every situation, she can think of an anecdote on how this happened before. She is intensely secretive about her medicine, deflecting questions with false self-deprecation. Like Defiant Elk, she is concerned about the future of her people, but she does not believe that war is the answer. She is careful with her actions, lest they offend the spirits.

Toothy Kit

Toothy Kit

First appearance: Chapter 11, Page 3

Toothy Kit is the daughter of Leaping Hare, a Liranequois woman, and Julien, an Aradian voyageur who traded with the Liranequois. Her mother died of disease when Toothy Kit was 5. Kit then went to live with her father in Aradie, where she disobeyed constantly and she did not like life there. However, she did learn the language before running away and returning to Tionnontego. She has not seen her father or his family since. Kit is currently living with her mother's family and is a member of the Fox clan. She is learning medicine from her grandmother, Distant Smoke, the Wisdom of Tionnontego.

Toothy Kit is a curious young girl who does not appreciate boundaries or being told no. She likes to get reactions out of people and will deliberately provoke them. She finds she can get out of a lot of trouble by giving a huge smile and being adorable. She can slide back and forth between Aradian society and the Liranequois, and takes pride in that ability. She is a bit sensitive of her parentage, as the other children in Aradie teased her. The teasing is less common among the Liranequois, which is one reason she has chosen to live among them.

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