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Chapter 9 Page 4

July 29th, 2014

Ald receives a command that he can’t refuse on Chapter 9 Page 4, as Vivienne sides with Jassart. Don’t think that this will be the end of it for Ald. He’s a cagey veteran. He’s got other plans. To see who’s the subject of the next scene, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We added a couple of new features to the website that I wanted to draw attention to. The first is a shiny new FAQ on the About page. I’ve added in some questions that I remember getting a lot. If you have other questions that you think I should include, please let me know.

Below the FAQ is my Bibliography. I read a lot of source material when preparing the comic. I thought you might be interested in some of the books I’ve used to inspire me and the artists. There are one or two books on the list.

Heading over to the Links page, we’ve added two new sections of links. The first is Colonial Resources. I added some of the links to pages dealing with colonial America, especially colonial French Canada. The second is Native American Resources, which has links to a variety of useful pages dealing with Native Americans. I’ll be adding more links to both of these as I continue to research and write the story.


Chapter 9 Page 3

July 27th, 2014

We return to Sherbourg in Chapter 9 Page 3, where we find Jassart receiving a lot of visitors as he recovers in the hospital. To see a bit more of this charming scene, please vote for Snow by Night at Top Web Comics.

August is quickly approaching and that is the month of cons. Diane and I will be attending Otakon on Aug. 8-10. You can find us at Table M-03, right across the aisle from Ianua and next to Spinnerette. We’ll have some new top secret prints, but also a new booth set up. Diane and I have reimagined our table as a colonial trading post complete with chests, baskets, blankets, and crates. I’m really pleased with how well it came together. We couldn’t have done it without some supplies from the Smithsonian Museum of the Native American Indian and some gift baskets from the Red Lake Nation (their wild blueberry syrup is incredible).

GenCon follows on the heels of Otakon on Aug. 14-17. Busy month!


Almanac – Snowshoes

July 24th, 2014

Our first almanac entry since returning from hiatus is snowshoes! These wonderful creations allow the wearer to walk across snow without sinking by distributing the weight. Snowshoes were an invention of the Native American tribes in the real world, so that fact continues into Corthis as well.

We’ve found a couple issues with the transfer to the new site. The biggest is the RSS feed. It’s still borked. Steph and Diane can’t find the issue that’s causing it to malfunction. We’ll continue working on it.


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Chapter 9 Page 2

July 22nd, 2014

Blaise flees Sherbourg in Chapter 9 Page 2. The journey to Ville Marcelet is filled with disappointment and despair. To see a glimpse of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Next month will be a busy one for us. We have two — yes two! — conventions. And they’re big ones too. The first is Otakon on August 8-10, where we will have a brand new secret set of prints (Shhhh! They’re secret). Diane will be attending the convention with me. Julie will be oh so far way sitting across the aisle and well within paper airplane range.

The next convention is GenCon on August 14-17. We’ll be in the Author’s Avenue. Diane is running off to be an NPC in the True Dungeon (She’s truant! Truant, I tell you!) so I’ll be joined by Québécois friend Éloïse. She may or may not be the inspiration for Mathilde. Either way, she’s threatening to come cosplaying as our favorite chanteuse, and you certainly don’t want to miss that.

The following week, I’m going to collapse and catch up on sleep.

*EDIT* Diane wants me to mention that the RSS feed got “Borked” in the site upgrade. We’re working to de-Bork it (unBork it?), but the Borking is being highly resistant to our anti-Borking technologies. Hopefully, the RSS feed will be fully Borkfree soon. I’ll let you know.


Chapter 9 Page 1

July 20th, 2014

It’s a new page, new chapter, new volume, and a new webpage!

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Snow by Night. I’m sorry for the extended hiatus. However, I had a really good reason. I discuss it hereI greatly appreciate all the kind words everyone had to say. Amy and I are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. Thank you all so much.

We begin again with page 1 of Chapter 9 with our new artist Julie Wright. You may know her as the colorist for the Harvey Award winning comic The Dreamer (and it’s nominated for another Harvey award this year). She is also the writer and artist for Ianua. Natalie Baaklini remains our colorist and is doing a spectacular job of it.

You may have noticed the new look to the website. This is thanks to the hard work of Steph Stober. She was the colorist of the Chapter 8 vignette Birds of a Feather and the creator of the webcomic Final Arcanum. I’m really happy with the look and feel of the new site. Hopefully, it will be a better reading experience for everyone.