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Almanac – Tricornes

January 31st, 2013

Aradie was founded for the sake of a hat. Not just any hat, but a tricorne made of beaver fur. They are all the rage in Saronne and everyone who is anyone MUST have one. And so Sherbourg was settled and Aradie founded. Read about it in this week’s Almanac entry on Tricorne. They are wonderful hats for the time, even is my artists don’t agree.

We made it to February, which means one month left to submit entries to our Art Contest. I hope you will consider submitting something. We tried to make the criteria as broad as possible while still having a Snow by Night focus. Cash prizes to our winners!

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The Midnight Chalice Page 3

January 29th, 2013

Today we bring you Page 3 of our bonus story, The Midnight Chalice. At last we meet our masked hero, the mysterious Midnight Chalice! How dare that rook call our flying hero a mere cup!

In case you’re wondering, Eric hasn’t been eaten by gremlins, he’s just fighting with a migration onto a new computer, so he asked me to cover today’s Journal entry. Wish him luck, or join me in mocking him mercilessly. The latter’s more fun.

To see more of our shiny hero’s adventures, vote for us on Top Web Comics and get a sneak peek at the next page!


The Midnight Chalice Page 2

January 27th, 2013

The three canailles (Sherbourg slang for thug) from Laurent’s crew are back in Page 2 of the Midnight Chalice. They are up to no good, but will they get away with their misdeeds? To see what our hooded canailles sees, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Our next convention is Katsucon on February 15-17. If you’re attending, please come by and say hello to us in the Artist Alley. We’ll be selling our brand new Chapter 4 books! They came out really sharp. Also, please check our Art Contest! Cash prizes for the winner, as well as lots of applause from the Snow by Night team.

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Almanac – 16th Century

January 25th, 2013

Our procession through the years continues with the 16th Century in today’s Almanac. It is full of interesting facts. Like that Sherbourg was saved in 1595 by mayonnaise. The colonists used the recently invented condiment to suffocate the typhus-bearing lice that was infesting the town. While the Center for Disease Control isn’t sure whether this works or not in the real world, for the purposes of Corthis, it does.

I got the convention report for Ohayocon uploaded this afternoon. It’s in photo form since people seem to enjoy that the most. You can find it on Snow by Night’s Facebook page. I also invite all of you to submit something to our Art Contest. Entries are due March 1, and there are cash prizes for the first 8 spaces.

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The Midnight Chalice Page 1

January 23rd, 2013

Hello everyone! Brittany and I are back from Ohayocon, where we met a lot of great webcomic fans and creators at the show. I’ll get a full con report (in photo album form) on Snow by Night’s Facebook page later this week. And great news! We sold all the copies of Chapter 1 that we brought to the convention. It’s a big milestone for us. I’m incredibly excited (and planning to increase the number of books that I bring to Katsucon).

Today we’re beginning  The Midnight Chalice. As you may remember, I had to use the vignette (Losing by Winning) for Chapter 5 in October and November to cover for artist illness. So to fill the gap in the schedule between Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, I’m using a bonus story by Ricky Bryant Jr. intended for the print of Volume 1 (chapters 1-4). Way, way back in Chapter 1, Blaise and Jassart are sitting in the Harp & Trumpet, enjoying punch when Blaise’s mug vanishes for a couple pages and then reappears. Where did the mug go? Why is is missing? Obviously the mug went off and had an adventure and that is the story of The Midnight Chalice! Enjoy it while it lasts, because it will not stay on the site forever.

Don’t forget our Art Contest! There are cash prizes for the top eight places. Also, to get a peek at page 2 of the Midnight Chalice, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.

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Chapter 5 Page 28

January 20th, 2013

Almanac Reference: Peste

Today we bring you Chapter 5 Page 28, a lighthearted ending to that serious, dangerous scene. I love this ongoing gag with Laurent ending up stuck to walls all the time. Serves you right, you rook!

Eric and Brittany are still on their way back from Ohayocon, which was a huge success! Eric will have to tell you all about it once he’s settled back in. Hopefully we’ll spy some new readers joining us from the con!

Don’t forget to check out the details of our ongoing Art Contest, which offers cash prizes for the top 8 finalists. If you have any questions or concerns, drop us a line at

Finally, if you’d like to see Brittany’s pencils for this page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


Art Contest

January 17th, 2013

Hello, everyone! Diane here, covering for Eric and Brittany while they’re making the long trek through awful traffic towards our next convention. Ohayocon is the shining light at the end of the tunnel to celebrate once they arrive around midnight! If you’re attending, please stop by and pester them both for me. They need a good pesterin’.

Instead of the typical Almanac update, tonight we bring you news of our first official Art Contest! Check out all the details here.

We’re offering cash prizes for the top 8 finalists, and submissions are open until March 1st. Even if you aren’t interested or able to enter, please tell your friends! Any medium is welcome, so long as we can clearly tell the piece of art has to do with Snow by Night. Voting will open on March 4th and will be decided by popular vote throughout the week, eliminating the pool of entries until we reach our top finalist. (There can be only one! /cue dramatic music)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or send us an e-mail at Best of luck to you all! I can’t wait to see what comes our way!

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Chapter 5 Page 27

January 16th, 2013

Almanac Reference: Pike it

What do you do about a manitou who wants to hurt you? Blaise and Jassart have very different answers in Chapter 5 Page 27. To see the pencils for this page, please vote for Snow by Night. Only one more page to go in Chapter 5! Oh, a small errata. Naty updated panel 1 for page 26 to include the wind and snow effects.

Brittany and I are off to Ohayocon this weekend. Please come by and see us if you’re attending. We always love meeting our readers. Diane will be handling the update this Friday. She will be making an announcement of interest to any artists out there. Check back on Friday to hear all of the news. Trust me. It will be worth it.