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Almanac References: Flambeau

Page 3 of Law of the Riverside Part 2 is up. Mathurin and Ald confront the Phoenix Men. To see how well this goes, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.

As you may have heard, Otakon topped 32,000 attendees this year. That’s a lot of anime fans in one place. The costumes were fantastic. Homestuck has a lot of fans. I would estimate that 5% of the attendess were dressed as trolls from Homestuck. This is easier a testament to the popularity of the webcomic or the ease of creating a Homestuck troll costume. It’s probably a mixture. Either way, I’m glad to see a webcomic getting so much love and attention.

Brittany and I met a lot of great artists at the show. There was the usual suspects, including Shazzbaa of Runewriters and Dirk Tiede of Paradigm Shift, and I got to see Erin McManness who did all our prints. I also met Savannah and Andrew of Amya and Cari of Tiolet Genie. One of my personal heroes, Lora Innes of The Dreamer was there as well. I took a lot of pictures so go check them out on our Facebook page.




Almanac References: Carbine, War as Process

And we’re back from Otakon. Oh wow. Just wow. Otakon is an amazing show. Three days of color, sensation, and unrelenting energy. Brittany, Diane, and I had a fantastic time. Brittany helped me man the booth while Diane ran amok (amok, amok, amok!) and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the largest anime convention on the East Coast. I’ll have a full con report prepared for Wednesday’s update. My thanks to Amy for covering for us on Friday. Thank you, sweetheart!

I’m pleased to post the second page of part 2 of Law of the Riverside. Ald and Mathurin await the Phoenix Men, while Ald recalls events from his past. To see the first glimpse of the dreaded Phoenix Men, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.


New Fanart

July 26th, 2012

Hi everyone – it’s Amy!

With Eric, Britt, and Diane at Otakon and Natalie on vacation, I’m the only member of Team Snow left to do the update!

Today’s update is a fantastic piece of fanart by Yan “Kern” Gagné of Drowtales. Go read the comic! The art is beautifully detailed, and the story is rich and compelling.

Speaking of story, I don’t know if you can feel the train starting to pull away from the station, but I can. Eric likes to tell his stories with a slow build. He wants to place all his pieces on the board and try to make the reader (or players, in the case of his roleplaying campaigns) love the setting as much as he does. I know I have my own personal bias here, but Eric is one of the best storytellers I have come across, and I’m so glad you’re all along for the ride with us.

If you’re at Otakon this weekend, stop by booth B05 and tell them hi for me. (Thanks to Amya for the map!)

Wherever your weekend takes you, though, I hope it’s someplace good. Be well, take care, and we’ll see you Monday for another page of Law of the Riverside.

I think I could turn into an Ald fangirl without too much effort…


Almanac References: 1665, Providence, Sunblaze, Riverside, Saronne

Our vignette is the thrilling second half of Law of the Riverside. Join Ald as he combats the dastardly Phoenix Men — a group of fire starters who will burn your house down if you don’t pay them off. The artwork is provided by our amazing colorist Natalie Baaklini. To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Otakon is a few days away and I’m a whirlwind of chaos trying to get ready for a show this large. At this convention, we are unveiling new prints of Mathilde and Snow-by-Night to round out our main cast. The portraits were created by the fantabulously talented Erin McManness. Diane uploaded samples of the portraits to tease you. Because she’s like that.

Blaise SampleJassart Sample

Mathilde SampleSnow-by-Night Sample

Britt’s fan art was featured on Tamuran this week. Go check it out. While you’re there, read their amazing comic.


Chapter 4 Page 29

July 22nd, 2012

Chapter 4 Page 29 is up and this concludes the chapter. Brittany and Natalie pulled out all the stops for this final page. I hope you enjoy it. To see what we’ve got in store for you on Wednesday, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Otakon is fast approaching. This Friday. We are in the Artist Alley (booth B05). In addition to our books and buttons, we have brand new prints of Mathilde and Snow-by-Night by the brilliant Erin McManness. We also have  a design sketch and a color print of the alchemical rifle from Chapter 2 by Brittany, as well alchemical sigils. They’re fantastic. Come by and check them out.



Almanac – Bas Rouge

July 19th, 2012

This week’s Almanac entry is the bas rouge, the breed of guard dogs that the crew is facing. They gain their name from the reddish-tan fur on their feet.

Otakon is only a week away. Brittany and I will be participating in the Artist’s Alley. We’ll be at Table B05. You can find a map here.


Chapter 4 Page 28

July 17th, 2012

Almanac References: Arrête

Chapter 4 Page 28 is up. The crew makes their getaway, but will they make it in time? To see a preview of next Monday’s page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

It’s Wednesday after the convention so it’s con report time. This was our most successful convention so far. We sold a lot of books, handed out hundreds of cards, and talked to lots and lots of people. Connecticon was a button con for us. People loved Britt’s new alchemical glyphs. They also loved her commissions. She was drawing non-stop all weekend. For pictures of the convention, check our Snow by Night’s Facebook page.

Nick Palazzo and Jack Parra were neighbors to one side of us. Both are brilliant artists. Check them out. Our neighbors to the other side were  Chris and Jessy from So and Sew Plushies. They make the most adorable little dolls in all shapes, sizes, or Deegans.

I also met Rayna from Purple Lantern Studio, a fantastic illustrator with a lush style, and the Village Designs – a group of skilled artists. They have neat unicorn fields, a zodiac collection, and an adorable sweet tooth collection.

Connecticon is a huge webcomics convention.Dirk Tiede of Paradigm Shift was there. If you have looked at the Links page on, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of his work. Two other big names were Jamie Noguchi of Yellow Peril. I picked up his book and read it on the way home. Great stuff. And Mookie of Dominic Deegan. He was selling scarves, as worn by the Oracle for Hire himself. They were handmade by Mookie’s mum. Did I buy one? Yes, I did.

I had the pleasure of meeting Naomi Craig and Luthrai of The Prime of Ambition. It’s an up and coming webcomic. The art is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to reading through their story. A fantastic bit of serendipity was meeting Kern and Kite of Drow Tales. They are from Quebec and they write about drow. I have a book on drow coming out this summer. Meeting them and hitting it off was inevitable. They have a great tale going that’s rife with intrigue and warring clans. I highly recommend it.




Chapter 4 Page 27

July 15th, 2012

Almanac References: Allez

Just got back from Connecticon. Great convention, but I’m oh so very tired. Convention report on Wednesday. We got the new page up though. Chapter 4 Page 27. It’s Blaise versus the dogs! To see the threat that the crew faces next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Eric sleep now.