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Chapter 2 Page 16

August 30th, 2011

Almanac References: Beau, Chanteuse, Ouais, Silver

Chapter 2 Page 16 is up. Mathilde sings; she dances; she spreads rumors with smoldering glances.


Chapter 2 Page 15

August 28th, 2011

Almanac Referencs: Bonhomme, Seigneur

Chapter 2 Page 15 is up. Let me tell you, this page was very difficult to letter. Singing has been particularly challenging. I tried going with a scripted font in white on top of the background. It just didn’t work very well. So I worked with Brittany and we are trying a new way of designating signing. I think this version works well. At the very least, it’s easier to read.


Almanac – Bertrande Grusseau

August 25th, 2011

This week’s Almanac entry is the bio for Jassart’s supplier of alchemical knick-knacks – Bertrande Grusseau. She’s an extremely competent alchemist and barely tolerates the sly rook, but his money is good so she keeps dealing with him. Since Bertrande is a character, her bio is also listed under Cast as well. You may have questions about how alchemy works in Corthis. That topic is the subject of next week’s almanac entry.

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Chapter 2 Page 14

August 23rd, 2011

Almanac Reference: Phoenix Oil

Chapter 2 Page 14 is up. Jassart concludes his business with Bertrande and comes away with a few toys. Bertrande would crown me for calling her alchemical creations toys. So don’t tell her I said that. She has sharp elbows.



Chapter 2 Page 13

August 21st, 2011

Almanac References: Aether, Alchemy, Ald BaillonBertrande Grusseau, BlessingsGendarmeTheriac of Rejuvenation

Chapter 2 Page 13 is posted. Jassart meets with his supplier of all things alchemical.

I’m back from Baltimore Comic-Con. It was a nice convention and we met a lot of great people. Stan Lee was there too. Strangely, he did not come by the table to talk to us. I’m sure it was an oversight. Next up is Intervention in Rockville in September.

Brittany gave me some sketches of the clerical vestments for the priests of Giavere. For a peek at them, vote for us on Top Web Comics.


Almanac – Saloons

August 18th, 2011

This week’s Almanac entry is Saloons. These wonderful establishments are the heart of the night life in Sherbourg. They differ from taverns in that they feature stage shows as the main attraction instead instead of being a watering hole for spirits.

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Chapter 2 Page 12

August 16th, 2011

Chapter 2 Page 12 is up. Standing in the way of Mathilde’s rage reminds me of a verse from Cuchulain’s Fight with the Sea by Yeats:

Cuchulain stirred,
Stared on the horses of the sea, and heard
The cars of battle and his own name cried;
And fought with the invulnerable tide.

Brittany and I are heading to Baltimore Comic Con this weekend. If you’re going, please stop by and say hello. We’re at table A123 in the Artist Alley.


Chapter 2 Page 11

August 14th, 2011

Chapter 2 Page 11 is up. Our scene shifts as we follow Blaise to the Harp and Trumpet. As usual, Blaise quickly loses control of the conversation.

We have Baltimore Comic Con this weekend. Brittany and I will be there at Table A123 along with chapter books and a variety of buttons. I’m thinking of making some new quote buttons like “Go fart in the clover” or “Won’t isn’t can’t” (but that last one is a quote from Chapter 3).

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