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Almanac – Meerpelt

September 6th, 2013

For this week’s Almanac entry, we go south to the great economic rival of Aradie — the colony of Meerpelt. It’s about time I discussed another colony in detail. Meerpelt boasts a wonderful natural harbor and runs the length of Maurits’ River. The Meerpicts have long sided with the Liranequios against the colonists in Aradie and are their economic rivals in the fur trade. Meerpelt is my vision of a New Netherlands that was never taken over by the British. We’ll see more of this colony and its capital of Zollhaven in Volume 3.

Brittany does indeed have a DragonCon report. I’ll include it with Monday’s update.

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Almanac – Pistols

August 17th, 2012

Journal entries are great, if you remember to do them. I completely spaced on it so this morning was a shock and scramble with lots of Muppet-like flailing. I sometimes wonder if I’d remember my name if people didn’t call me it all the time >_<; Oi Vey.

Anyways, Things have been a bit crazy but we’re still gearing up for Chapter 5. This one should be a lot of fun! A bit more action and some consequences for past action. Or maybe actions? Guess you gotta stay tuned to find out. C:

Thanks again to all who stop by and read. And a special thanks to those who comment! It means a lot to us, even when it’s a critique! It means the world to know you took the time to comment, so thanks!

Again, sorry this is so short. Life distracted me and I fell short this week on my duties >__<;; Arg!



Diane’s note: It’s okay Britt, both Eric AND I forgot about the update too! Whoops. That’s a lot of memory loss right there. Sorry about the confusion, and I hope you enjoy Eric’s update to our Alamanc entry under Weapons.


Ah, it’s Brittany here. Eric’s out of town so I get to commandeer the journal entry for today. Today is about Alchemical Compounds. O.o


Fun fact: Alchemy used many symbols that people can recognize today. Symbols of the planets (all you Sailor Moon fans out there know them. Don’t lie! You know you do!) and the zodiac were all incorporated in alchemy. If you go back to where you first meet Bertrande you can spot the signs for Leo, Sagittarius, and an alternate sign for the metal Copper among others. Each of the elements had a Glyph created for them using traditional alchemy signs and symbols, the occasional rune, and of course some good, old-fashioned Geometry. Gotta love the circles. C:


If you’ve been by the table at cons you’ve seen that we’re now selling prints and buttons of the elemental glyphs. They’ll also be available in the store once it’s up. You can also get a preview of them here on my DeviantArt page.


That wasn’t a shameless plug… really… it wasn’t… I mean, you don’t have to look it’s just… oh, nevermind.


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Chapter 2 Page 2

July 12th, 2011

Almanac Reference: The Heavens

Chapter 2, page 2 is up. We will be switching to two pages a week starting next Monday. As I mentioned earlier this week, Brit has had some family emergencies that have prevented us from going to twice a week at the beginning of the month. She asked me to post the following:

Dear readers, I am sorry to say that the twice-a-week posting of chapter two will be delayed due to karma hitting me full force in a very short amount of time. The saying, “when it rains, it pours,” is an apt description of the deluge I got hit with.

Within a week or so I have lost a dear Aunt, my family’s dog of 17 years had to be put down, and my Mom ended up in the hospital (she’s ok now). I’m usually not one to wave personal problems as an excuse for missing a deadline but circumstances have forced me into an uncomfortable position. Take a week to put myself together and delay the twice-a-week posting or start posting and run the risk of missing an update down the road. After a long discussion with Eric we’ve decided to take the former and delay the dual update schedule for a week or so. We will move up to two posts a week as soon as possible. Again, I’m sorry for the delay in the two pages a week update schedule. Thank you for being understanding and reading Snow by Night.


I love my artist and agreed to delay switching the update schedule for a couple weeks. Fortunately, we’re now back on track. Thank you for your patience and readership.

*edit* Whoops. Forgot to load the new vote incentive on Top Web Comics. It’s up now. So see a preview of what Blaise and Jassart see when you vote for Snow by Night.


Almanac – Corthis

May 1st, 2011

Corthis is the world of Snow by Night. This week’s Almanac entry is full of fun facts about it. For example, the world is not flat, but the sun circles the world! Corthis is under Continents. I know: Corthis is a world, not a continent, but I discuss continents in the article. Also, it was the most logical place to put this information.

And in other news, Ricky and Brittany attended the SCAD Sidewalk Art Festival. They did some lovely chalk drawings of Snow by Night characters. I’ve uploaded the pictures on our Facebook page. I’ll upload more pictures as I get them. Take a look and see the wonderful creations of my artists.

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Almanac – History

March 13th, 2011

Today our Almanac entry delves into the history of Aradie and Sherbourg. The entry covers the founding of the city, which was a dangerous time. It took three tries for the city to take root. While you’re there, check out the lovely new bookcase graphic that Diane put together for us.

And now some huge news: some of you may have noticed that the copyright information at the bottom of the page has changed. This past week I organized an LLC, which will be acting as a publisher for Snow by Night. This is the first step to bringing Brittany on full time. With her dedicated to Snow by Night, we can double the number of pages we post per week. So starting with Chapter 2, expect to see twice as much Snow as you’re currently seeing.

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Chapter 1 Page 16

February 15th, 2011

Almanac References: Blessings, Dommage, Miller, Rook

Page 16 is up. I had a lot of fun making Brit draw this page. She kept sending me comments about it. You can see some of them on the Twitter feed. You may notice that Jassart uses the term “gloire.” This term will be defined in next week’s Almanac entry, but essentially gloire is reputation. It’s a bit more nuanced than that and will play a huge role in Snow by Night, but that definition will work for now.

I’m going to give another plug for Ricky and Brittany. They will be in the Artists’ Alley at Katsucon. Ricky is selling his incredible art while Brittany is selling her fine jewelry under the name Bad Carrot Studios. Stop by, say hello, and peruse their fine wares.

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Chapter 1 Page 15

February 9th, 2011

Almanac References:  Liaze ToupinMilled, Riverside District

Page 15 is up. It’s a new day, and Jassart is beginning his investigation of the thief who is causing him so much trouble. The first place he starts is with Liaze, who runs a hat shop in Lower City of Sherbourg. She also has quite a number of secrets as you’ll soon see.

In other news, Ricky and Brittany will be attending Katsucon on Feb. 18-20. They both have tables in Artist’s Alley. Ricky will be selling his excellently drawn art while Brittany will have some exquisite handmade jewelry. Drop by and say hello if you’re attending.

I’ve also added a new panel from page 16 as an incentive for voting for us on Top Web Comics. Please give us a shout out on the poll.