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Daughters of the King Page 5

November 1st, 2011

Page 5 of Daughters of the King is up. It’s the Dating Game – colonial style! I can see it now…

(musical introduction)

Contestant #1, if you had to skin a deer, what type of knife would you use?┬áContestant #2, tricorne or voyageur’s cap?┬áContestant #3, what’s your favorite type of canoe – birchbark or dugout?

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    I’ll say that’s a good impression!!!!


    1. Flensing. Is that even a real question?
    2. Tricorne sheds the rain better.
    3. Birchbark; the fragile shell is OK if you know what you’re doing, and the weight makes portage easier.


    the silhouettes are amazing. great filler :D


      Filler? Oh no, this isn’t filler. This is background. When we get done with the story next week, there will be some clues.


        Will any of the interludes ever be filler?

        Not complaining, just curious; I like intricate stories, and I like well-fleshed worlds, so I’m a happy reader either way!


          The interludes will never be filler if I can help it. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover for this story, and I need the vignettes to contribute to the cause. Now, how exactly the vignettes tie into the larger story might not be obvious at first, but there will be a connection. In particular, I am using them to show character backgrounds. The next vignette is Ald: Law of the Riverside and discusses the our friendly neighborhood gendarme.

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