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Chapter 18, Scene 5

March 27th, 2019

Chapter 18, Scene 5

Enough of Jassart for a while. It’s time for Toothy Kit, and she’s been busy! This scene was a pleasure to write and a nice break from the fire and fury in the Spirit World.

But we’re back to that fireĀ in the next scene! But there’s not that much fury as Jassart meets an old friend and mentor. Get a preview when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!



    They grow up so fast! :)

    Michael Scudder

    Really great to see this in my feed again!


    RE: the vote-bait preview image

    Justifying himself to the decent old shoemaker who did his best to help Jassart… is going to be a LOT harder on him than just telling off the memory of the papa he hated. Jassart said that he loved that old man, and the image of his crying face contorted with grief is extremely vivid- painful to see.


    The most adorable manitou & spirit dancer pair in all the continent.

    Eric Munson

    I really love the fox-tail effect on Toothy Kit’s belt as she dances. Kudos (again) to the artist!


    Is this spirit supposed to be Wolf?

    With Kit I would expect Coyote, but IIRC coyotes don’t go that far north…..




    This is the most heartwarming scene I can remember for this story!

    Thank you!

    that guy

    Aww, she’s so happy. Hope gramma will be proud.


    Toothy Kit in this scene is wonderful, and the way she is grateful as well is well done.

    Toothy Kit is prone to making up her own dances.


    I may be wrong, but I’m guessing that’s not the traditional ritual dance for summoning a manitou.

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