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Chapter 18 Scene 2

December 21st, 2018

Chapter 18 Scene 2 is up!

Talons makes for a very creepy Virgil in this weird form of a Divine Comedy. But is it the Inferno or Purgatorio? Probably not Paradiso. Not with Jassart involved.

I’ve got a preview of the next scene when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

Scene 3 will be going up in early January. Until then, Happy Holidays everyone! See you next year!



    There’s no TWC link on the comic page. It may have always been this way and I just never noticed? Anyway, I thought I would point it out/suggest it.

      It’s on the front page (the crow with the sign that reads “vote”) and in the journal entry. I don’t have them on the individual pages at the moment.


    This is unique an antihero spirit journey that is not something you see in stories very often if at all. You will be tested and Talons can’t interfere. Seems the spirit world is neutral good and evil don’t matter here. It is are you strong enough and wise enough to make it. I look forward to rest of the chapter. Well done! Have a great holiday season no matter what you celebrate.


    You know, a certain earth manitou should have checked the prison before putting any inmate.


    Jassart’s spirit journey serving as a counterpoint to Snow’s spirit journey. Protagonist & antagonist. That is nice storytelling. Happy holidays to you as well!

    CPT. DeadEye

    Loved the full page. It was a shocker.


    What can possibly go wrong?

    Great artwork by the way.

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