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Chapter 17, Scene 7

September 12th, 2018

Chapter 17, Scene 7

The Morantine have one last trick up their sleeve to take Fort Belfroi! Hold on to your tricornes to see if it is successful!

This wraps up Chapter 17! It was an action-packed chapter with the fate of a war in the balance. Starting with this chapter (as it’s the first on in Volume 5), I’m not going to be doing vignettes any more. We don’t really need them in the final arc of the story. So I’m going to be skipping directly to Chapter 18 next. It’s titled “The Hunting Grounds” and focuses on Jassart and Talons as well as Snow-by-Night and the others at the windmill.

We’re working on Chapter 18, but Julian is moving this month so we’re going to have a bit of a delay. I don’t have a timeframe right now, because too much is up in the air.  I’ll let you all know about a week beforehand when I’ll post the first scene.



    Something is wrong with the mouth of the bearded guy in the last panel.
    Great scene nonetheless!


    WOW! That was worth the wait, really enjoyed it and the artwork was fantastic!


    Ahh would that we could have an entire arc with the Black Watch…


    I guess these particular members of the Black Watch don’t have to worry about the alchemic drink taking years off their lives.


    Lady de Carailles is not having a good time. There’s the messy breakup with her boyfriend, her best friend got her hand blown off, and now her hated rival is the hero of Saronne and covered in Gloire while she had to stay behind the lines.

    Mark Linimon

    So, the “next page” link on this page doesn’t go anywhere, leading me to assume you were on a longer hiatus … I just now noticed new updates.

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