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Chapter 17, Page 16

June 6th, 2018

Chapter 17, Page 16 is up! Enjoy!

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    I’m glad you were able to allow comments again, I enjoy the additional information and puns. Let’s have a civil good time!

      Charles V. Crossley, Jr.

      I second that. I looked forward to the comments, and was sad that they were shut down due to so much negativity. I’m very happy now that they’re back up. Where else can we read details about muskets and sharpshooters?

        There for a while, it was just so discouraging. We put in 15-20 hours per page between the three of us, and it felt like we were being quibbled at over everything. I had to walk away from it for a couple weeks to get my excitement for the project back.


          If people are quibbling over historical inaccuracy you only have to say ‘Alternate Universe’ and that’s that.

          True. I did make this an alternative universe just to give me that out. Originally it was in case I goofed up something with the native nations.


      Hear Hear! Even though I don’t always post, I always enjoy reading other people’s comments. I’m glad it’s back, and I PROMISE to behave!!!!!

    Robert A. Woodward

    Sharpshooters with muskets? I always thought that sharpshooters used rifles (muzzle-loaded rifles were very hard to reload, before the invention of the Minee ball in the 19th century).

      I’m using sharpshooter as a relative term here. The musket is accurate enough to hit a human target reliably out to about 100 yards. The sharphshooters in this scene are the ones who know just where to put their eye on the musket to get the best aim.

      I also recommend Stuart Reid’s “The Flintlock Musket: Brown Bess and Charleville 1715-1865” who states on p. 35 “…while troops are certainly known to have opened fire at ranges up to 300yd and occasionally at even longer distances, for all practical purposes the maximum effective [emphasis Reid’s] range of the flintlock musket as demonstrated in those tests was at best only 100 yd.”

      I drew this scene from René Chartrand’s “Ticonderoga 1758: Montcalm’s Victory Against All Odds” where he states on p. 69, “Every man was in his designated spot, with the best shots at the loopholes, their officers posted intermittently along the parapet, grenadiers, and piquets behind.” And on p. 74, “The fusiliers at the wall were selected from the better shots, loaded muskets were passed to them… they took aimed shots at the enemy sharpshooters in the abbatis.”

        Somebody Someone

        Thank you for these tidbits of information! This comic is well drawn, well written, and educational as well!


    good tactics


    I see you are recreating the victory of Charles de Salaberry over the
    Americans in 1813.


    Everybody’s wearing bright white/blue and red, though. Good thing they can take them out fast before being spotted.


    That’s how you do it.

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