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Chapter 17, Page 14

May 16th, 2018

Chapter 17, Page 14 is up! Enjoy!

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Update: Steph got married this month! Hurray for Steph! She’s currently off on her honeymoon and not coloring pages. I can’t blame her! She deserves some sweetheart time. So we’re going to take a break till the end of the month. We’ll see everyone on┬áJune 4!



    Bugger, that’s torn it, now they have cannons.

    Even worse, they have Cannons that would likely be relocated to the high grounds, in their earth fort.
    Let’s hope they also have enough ball or shot to make them useful.


    So far so good. Considering there smaller forces the defenders of Aradie are putting up stout resistance. Even if the colony is finally defeated, General d’Emperset is still going to get plenty of Gloire for her heroic efforts. I imagine Mme Carailles isn’t going to be too pleased about that. She’ll be waiting for her rival to make a complete pig’s ear of it. That we, she can get all the Gloire in a heroic last ditch defence, which may involve the last ditch deployment of the equivalent of a nuclear weapon.


      Note to self. Read through comments before hitting the submit button, especially when you can’t go back and correct embarrassing typos. :-(

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