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Chapter 17 Page 4

April 11th, 2018

Chapter 17 Page 4

Melaithe’s¬†Emissary has a penchant for purple prose and brings a dire warning.¬†Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see a preview of the last page in this scene and remember that the Emissary is just a shadow on the wall!




    This spirit has an old world feel to it, unlike Snow who is very new world. In fact I would say the Emissary is almost eleven in feel, just the crown she is wearing.
    If she is a old world spirit then are they like the old world human nations spreading to the new world?

    “… the dogs of war …” annnnnd now I’m picturing a ship loaded with State Alchemists.

    Mike Lemmer

    I was beginning to fear Cienan would have everything predicted and always be on top of things throughout the plot. It’s nice to see him (apparently) caught flat-footed.


    It can’t just be me who takes just a little pleasure in seeing some shadow of uncertainty on his face for ONCE.


      Well, his name can sort of be rendered Ultracertainguy Whogoeswiddershins.
      Although I am no scholar and would appreciate correction.

      Yes, a little surprise is unfamiliar to him, it seems.


    So, it’s not any problem with the mask … just that while they were dealing with the mask, they missed the war …

    CPT. DeadEye

    Purple prose in purple text boxes?
    I like what you did, there.


    What stormangel13 said. :)


    I really like the design and look of this spirit. I also like reason for the ire is because their plans didn’t come first.

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