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Chapter 17 Page 2

April 4th, 2018

Chapter 17, Page 2

Mathilde gives Cienan an earful and you’re about to get an eyeful as we’re about to meet Cienan’s patron!

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    (I hope that obscure Treehouse of Horrors reference didn’t come across as too snarky :-) )


    I can’t quite understand how people are so up in arms over Jacqui’s hand. SYMPATHY, yes. Unending righteous indignation when someone has stupidly caused oneself great injury? Absurd. I shattered my wrist when an unthinking 8 year old on roller skates slammed into me from behind, unsupervised. It took a year to be able to use my hand again. Many people asked me if I sued the girl, or the girl’s family. What is WRONG with people these days? MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you blame others, at all costs, even when one might take partial blame on oneself, bc you know, we’re all idiots now? I just don’t get what’s happening to our society.

      The Gorram Batguy

      Fair points indeed. However, in this case, there is indeed a real measure of culpability.
      Vivienne knew they were dealing with a dangerous power, and that Jassart wasn’t exactly a good person, and yet her interests (military, romantic, or both) overrode those considerations. She enabled Jassart to attain this dangerous power, and could have and should have known better. She chose to take her chances, but Jacqui paid the price SHE should have paid, so she feels terrible. (At least I think that’s how she sees it.)
      Yes, Jacqui pulled the trigger on the gun under circumstances such that she directly caused her own injury, but those circumstances didn’t need to happen, and Viv knows this.
      As for Cienan and Mathilde, we now see they knew all about all of this. They set UP all of this. And they chose to use their associates as pawns in a scheme. A scheme with a worthy goal perhaps, but clearly Mathilde didn’t anticipate that their scheme would have casualties, especially among those for whom she cares. So here she too is feeling very guilty for her role in all this (or perhaps for Cienan’s role, rather, as she began her apprenticeship with him after these events had begun, no? Or was that a flashback).
      There are good reasons for these characters to feel culpable for Jacqui’s injury.


        >>As for Cienan and Mathilde, we now see they knew all about all of this. They set UP all of this. And they chose to use their associates as pawns in a scheme.

        i don’t see this at all, but would appreciate an illuminating breakdown of what you are perceiving.

        in any case, jacqui did not only pull a gun on a magical spirit, but she did so despite being distinctly warned not to, and knowingly went into a dangerous situation. and the mask being hidden away was not for anyone’s personal benefit, but for the public good and to save many lives – something jacqui specifically signed up for. next, you’ll be suing the guy sitting at the army recruitment booth for the lost lives in afghanistan. that just doesn’t make sense if you step even momentarily out of the world of total entitlement where everyone believes i should sue the 8-year-old. just for a moment consider each person taking responsibility for their own actions, if possible, just say 10 seconds – and jacqui very stupidly shot a gun – a violent act – despite being warned not to do so. she’s extremely lucky she got off with just losing her hand. imagine shooting a cop, after being warned not to do so? she’d be deader than dead. now – she’s still alive. she got off super easy for her actions, and she should not retain the privilege of bearing arms, since she’s proven herself incapable of using them responsibly.

        until our society is able to accept these super basic concepts, we are not grown up enough to bear arms. we are all entitled 8 year olds who blame everyone else while the world burns. indeed, humanity deserves to watch the world end as much as these people deserve to have their town destroyed now.

        i pray for a kinder, wiser world, in another life, another realm. clearly, this one it’s never happening.

          If you do a search on flintlock+delay, you will find there is a noticable delay of a fraction of a second between pulling the trigger and the explosion. Many factors can increase this delay. In this strip (, the delay is two webcomic frames from pulling the trigger to the gun going off. Jacqueline pulls the trigger in the frame before the one in which she is told not to. So I don’t see how she should know not to shoot the threatening monster that is chasing Vivienne. Unless of course Homer Simpson’s grandpa gave her the advice on her wedding night that if she ever encountered an elemental spirit to never use its own element against it.


    I wonder about Jacqui´s reaction if she ever discovers her girlfriend´s involvement in the events.

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