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Chapter 16 Page 11

November 15th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 11

“One little spark… in me and you.” Or better yet, “We didn’t start the fire…. Wait, yes we did.”

What’s Mathilde up to? Some of the commenters had suggestions and she must have heard you! And she meets a friend! See who when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

I’ve got some new tiers for the Kickstarter going up this week! Look for announcements on our Facebook page and on my Twitter feed. Two up now are forĀ Rafael Maldonado Bad Hand. The other is K. Lynn Smith of Plume! Both are excellent artists and good friends of the Snow by Night Team. I’m so grateful that they’re willing to help out our kickstarter! Thank you both!




    “If I told you, then you might not want to come and be the sacrificial fuel for the fire” – 1001 things not to tell your date.

      David… suppose Jassart did not have enough aether left to activate his spirit because of what was taken, so he had to get his girlfriend to sacrifice hers as well… which was yet another part of “The Plan”. (Jassart would act as a scoundrel rather than ask, girlfriend would feel betrayed, Jassart is now completely friendless other than his mask which makes him easier puppet, no one else to act as his conscience and make him question himself)


    “All it needs is a spark to get going….a spark……and BLOOD!”


    Nothing good shall come of this, but it will an interesting show. Viv this is the moment you have been warned about, and were to proud and headstrong to avoid. Fire burns…it is hungry, a hunger never sated.


    Panel 3: Vivienne gets square-jawed when she feels deceived.


    *puts on asbestos suit*

    Just getting ready for….wait for it…The Flame War.

    Get it? Get it?


    I’m here all week, folks.


    To quote a well known monster…

    “Uhhgg Fire! BAD!

    wise words, wise words indeed…


      Green Arrow [taunting]: “Hey, Grundy! Say ‘Fire bad!'”
      Solomon Grundy [genuinely perplexed]: “…fire IS bad.”

      Sorry. I don’t know what came over me there. :-D


    Now everybody’s playing with fire. Snow with her torch, Mathilde with her candle, and Jassart is starting to make a career of messing with fire.


    Is it possible for a manitou to possess a human, as a meat suit?


    Communication is key!
    If you don’t need her input, or her to know what all is going on, then… why do you even need her to be there at all?

    Err, maybe we should be as worried as Jacqui was a couple pages back. Ruh-roh?

      Introverted Chaos

      As in, maybe Mathilde’s prediction to Jacqui about it being ‘just a matter of time’ before he hurts her friend is about to come true?


        That is indeed what I mean, yes.
        I just wonder if Mister Hotwings is going to like Viv as much as Jassart does, and if he doesn’t…? Or if this is a trap, of course.
        I don’t reeeeeeally think it’s a trap, but I’m nervous knowing Jassart is protected from the manitou’s fire and Viv isn’t.


      Cause when you’re a self absorbed douchebag blaming everyone but yourself for your fucked up like. You need a sacrifice to blame when your next fuck up happens. Just cause Shitbag has poured on the charm in this chapter, doesn’t change the fact he’s a steaming bag of shit that deserves to die. Horribly.

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