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Chapter 16 Page 2

October 16th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 2

Alays meets with Vivienne. She’s guilded now, which is a huge jump in rank! So that means… new outfit! It’s still pink though. She likes pink. She doesn’t like Viv’s request though.

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    Seems like the perspective in panel 2 has been reversed. Isn’t the fireplace on her left, not the window?

      There’s a second window just past the fireplace between it and the painting. It is recessed so you can’t see it because of the fireplace. Viv is rich. She can afford lots of windows. The grid should have been diamond though. Missed that one.


        Oh, OK. What about in the next strip? In the second panel there’s a space counter-clockwise from the fireplace that I would expect the second window to be in, but it’s blank wall.


    Based on the first panel, the window with shrubbery is on Vivienne’s right. However, in the second panel, it is shown as being on her left (unless, of course, there are windows on her left that we cannot see in the first panel). The second panel may need to be mirrored.

    Robert A. Woodward

    It is probably the rifle shown on this page: (chapter 2, page 5 in case this try doesn’t work.


    Rather Large rifle up there. Made by Chekhov?


    Looks as though one downside of equality is that girls can’t beat the draft.


    I don’t think Viv would be so ignoble as to threaten, or even imply to threaten, Alays with removing her from the guild. I’ve always thought (and hope) she is above that kind of thing.
    Her boyfriend, however…

    Robert A. Woodward

    Alays, you are talking to either the official commander of the colonial regiment or his official deputy. Reports from you to her (especially if signed by the senior battalion commander) are official reports to your commanding officer. I suspect that the Marshal would be in violation of military etiquette if she interfered with that.


    Vivienne: “Don´t be silly, Alays. Of course is not spying. We are all on the same side. Am I righ, new Erudite?”
    Alays: “…….Yes, mademoiselle.”


    Wow, Alays has changed.

    I have a nagging suspicion her opinion on Vivienne’s request won’t weigh much. Am expecting Vivienne to pull the “I made you, I can unmake you” card.

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