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The Lake Page 3

August 30th, 2017

The Lake Page 3

So many metaphors… Snow-by-Night is not alone with Blaise in this place. Something is calling her. If you want a hint as to who that floating in the water, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

Monday is Labor Day and we’re off for the final holiday of the summer! So the next page update will be Wednesday. Have a great holiday weekend!

Also, our hearts go out to everyone in Houston. You’re in our hearts and prayers, and our money is in relief funds. I also want to give a salute to the National Guard and the volunteer Cajun Navy.



    I LOVE the color scheme here. Everything in monochrome except for significant objects, a la Schindler’s List. It lends so much meaning to the story here.


    Huh. She’s taking his fire and lighting something inside her with his torch. That’s interesting . . .


    I bet it’s the first guy that fell in love with Snow! That started this whole chain

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