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Chapter 15 Page 27

July 19th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 27

The Morantine force Pieter’s hand. The time of study is done. We must experiment! SeeĀ Pieter explain his experiment to the others when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Speaking of experiment, I had a hernia operation last Friday and boy does this hurt. It was an incisional hernia from my operation back in January. My liver kept slipping out between my muscles and pressing up against my skin. It was as unsightly and uncomfortable as it sounds. I’m back home, resting and recovering. I’m going to be a bit slow for the next couple weeks, but it shouldn’t affect the posting schedule.



    Refua Shlema, you should have a full and complete healing. Also, gross, dude.

    The Gorram Batguy

    Very curious what he has in mind, now. I’d assumed his escape plan would be merely running to the wilderness with his native allies. And it may still be. It may be that he’s only accelerating his experiments with Snow by Night for her benefit, to try and complete what they’re hoping to accomplish for her sake before they are forced to leave his laboratory behind.
    Or, he has plans to use what he is learning as a weapon to defend himself? Those trope-erific soulless-eyes glasses suggest whatever he has in mind is not quite harmless nor fully ethical relative to his own usual standards.


    In fact it’s a well known fact among scientists that 6 months in the lab can often save you three weeks in the library.


    *glasses do the anime thing*

    that guy

    When a mad scientist decides the experimental stage must be hastened, a wise man looks for cover.


      When ANY scientist decides the experimental stage must be hastened, a wise man looks for cover. It can be argued that hastening experimental stage is mad.

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