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Chapter 15 Page 24

July 10th, 2017

Chapter 15, Page 24

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I find it interesting to see how comics and prose can tell the same story and show the same scenes but subtlety differ. If I was writing this as prose, the last part of the page would have gone like this:

Snow reached up to touch Blaise’s face. The gesture was more analytical than romantic. “You have more fire now than when I met you.”

Blaise trembled at the touch. “Snow, I…”

Snow-by-Night put her fingers up in front of his mouth to stop him. “Blaise, stop. No. Do not ask for what I cannot give. You will only get hurt.”

Blaise blinked at the warning before answering in a small voice. “Oui, of course.”

The two continued to sit under the stars for some time. The clouds drifted across the sky, the windmill continued to spin, and the moment slipped away.


    Eric S.

    Ah, but Snow my dear, you’re not thinking like a human meddler with things that are risky to meddle with.

    In the end it may matter far less what a manitou can’t give to a human than it matters what a human can give to a manitou.

    Mind you, there’s often a price, and the price is often disastrous and cruel, but that’s merely overwhelmingly likely, not certain.


    You know, for a “heartless” manitou, Snow sure seems to care about Blaise’s feelings an awful lot. Could it be that “finding her heart” is more about experiencing the journey and less about an artifact? Speaking of feelings, it seems evident that she has other emotions (usually anger) on a regular basis, so the old adage about “speaking from the heart” obviously doesn’t apply to her. ;)


    Mmm, I can really empathize with Snow in that first panel there.

    Eric Munson

    The expression on the second-to-last panel reminds me very much of Ariel from The Little Mermaid (animated). Another tale of a curious young woman with impossible dreams…


    She looks worried and concerned in that last panel. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that seems like a change to me.

    The Mad Psychologist

    Want to bet Snow becomes human by the end of the story?


    I thought she was about to freeze his tongue unless he stopped talking.


    She wants a heart, which would be a change. But change is mortal, not manitou. This constitutes a paradox. But paradoxical wishes are also human, not manitou.


      She also sought the help of an alchemist, a profession specialized in changing things into another.


      agreed. she doesn’t know herself well.


        More so, she doesn’t realize that her recognition about what he is going to say and how she would not be able to reciprocate is a change from when the fur trapper first fell in the pool.


          Yes, this is almost exactly what I came to post about. She already DOES feel for him in ways she didn’t before. Be interesting to see how this works out.

      Aeternus Doleo

      We’ve already seen a spirit being spun into a human body – Cienan seems to know that trick. So it is possible for a spirit to become mortal. Snow wishes this, even if she does not yet realize it.

      In time Blaise will be able to ask for what she cannot yet give him. And then Winter’s words will have been prophetic.


        “Cienan seems to know that trick. So it is possible for a spirit to become mortal.”

        Ah, but we don’t know if that’s really what happened. What happens when that body is destroyed as her last one was? Does she die? Or is it more like what happened the first time, she reverts to her “real” self?

    Eric Munson

    Change requires sacrifice…

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