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Chapter 15, Page 23

July 5th, 2017

Chapter 15, Page 23

It’s time for a brief reprieve from Science! As Snow and Blaise have a chat under the stars. This moment of tenderness and reflection continues on the next page as you can see when you vote of Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    A-if we are all made of the same stuff, bc we are all one, even the stars are made of the same stuff as us, then snow by night has fire…or fire does not exist. since we know that fire does exist, therefore the snow queen has some of it.
    B-if we were to psychoanalyze snow-by-night astrologically, as my hippie friends do to me as often as breathing, any mentally competent person, even one who knew nothing of astrology and in fact, did not believe in it, would identify snow-by-night as a fire sign. sure as sh*t. she may be born a water sign, but she’d have to be on the cusp of a fire sign or fire is her moon sign whereas water is her sun sign. i am totally just bs’ing here, but from all the preaching i’ve politely endured, this is my take.

    conclusion drawn: indeed, this spirit’s got a fire in her belly. it’s just not literal fire. it’s more metaphorical.


    Yes, we are all stardust … but this was discovered AFTER first world war. He can’t have so advanced knowledge of nuclear physics to actually know it. On the other hand, Newton already speculated “Are not gross Bodies and Light convertible into one another, and may not Bodies receive much of their Activity from the Particles of Light which enter their Composition?…
    The changing of Bodies into Light, and Light into Bodies, is very conformable to the Course of Nature, which seems delighted with Transmutations.”

    He wasn’t able to compute the ratio due to the little issue of getting the red and blue light backwards … and even if he would he wouldn’t be able to experimentally prove it. But the speculation was there.


    “Come on baby, light my fire…”

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