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Chapter 15 Page 5

April 5th, 2017

Chapter 15 Page 5

The parley comes to an end. The Kleefish flag and its director diminishing in the distance as their influence in Everique wanes.

I’ve hit a wall. Because of my cancer bout, I was late getting the script to Julie, and she’s doing back-to-back conventions at the moment. I’ve now run out of pages. I was hoping to avoid that, but here we are.

I have a vignette in development by Lakota artist Kristina Badhand¬†about Defiant Elk’s backstory. I was intending to save it as the bonus vignette for the Volume 3 book. She’s graciously agreed to send it to me early as a WIP. If I can get that in time, I’m going to upload that¬†while Julie gets ahead on Chapter 15. That’s more Defiant Elk, which can’t be bad, right?

I’ll keep you updated as I get more information!




    You won’t lose anybody by taking a break! Or just blog, if you start to feel lonesome, about all the wondrous historical background in your head. A few lines instead of a post will keep you in touch and will keep us coming back, commenting, and letting you know that we’re still your cheering section.

      I’ve decided to spend these three weeks working on the scripts for the Ch15 vignette and Ch16. The vignette is now done and I have a solid outline for 16. I also need to set up the KS campaign for printing volume 3. That should launch in May. As for all the historical background information bouncing about in my head, I’m working on a Patreon campaign and that was going to be one of the features.

      I tend to ramble on twitter because it’s easier to post short stuff there than on the site. You can follow me at @myth_makers.


    And remember, kids: the strongest one is always right.


      Only in very loose meaning of the word. There is physical strength, there is strength in numbers, but both pale against technological superiority. However, seems that they are on similar technology level here …


    On the page: Yup, I sort of figured that would happen…

    On the comic interruption: I’m good with either a break or a Defiant Elk story, so you win either way! How often does that happen? :)

    Eric Munson

    One more jumper on the “Take a break, you’ve earned it” bandwagon. I need the time to reread all 14 chapters plus vignettes to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, anyway :)

    Falling Star

    Mmm, Defiant Elk…

    Ashley P.

    Don’t worry about it. Seriously.


    Definitely take a hiatus and give yourself some time to get back on track – there’s nothing wrong with that. Personally, I don’t mind checking back periodically (or putting a webcomic’s return on the calendar) if I know that
    it means that the creator is taking good care of him- or her-self.

    Having said that, if the Defiant Elk backstory ends up getting posted, I will be over the moon!

    Falling Star

    In the words of Ferguson: “What a turd.”

    Max Goldstein

    I’ll echo Kate and StormAngel: take a hiatus and do it right. You beat cancer! *fingers crossed* We get it.


    And now you know why the French and British *coughcough* um….whats the made up names again? Anyway, why the Fransays and the Breeetash dislike each other so much…>:)

      Generally, the following works
      Kleef = United Dutch Provinces
      Morante = Great Britain
      Saronne = France

      Zollhaven = New Amsterdam. It looks like Morante gets the naming rights, like the British did with New York.


    Just take hiatus then, and we can wait you don’t have to rush anything. You had cancer for pete’s sake we understand.

      But I have so much I want to share with you! This chapter is my favorite. Except for next chapter which goes back to Jassart and Vivienne. And Chapter 17. That’s going to be amazing…

        Falling Star

        No, don’t do that! I’ll be writing fan theories for weeks!


        If it bothers you to take a hiatus, post some behind the scenes materials that already exists. It would be really neat to see your design process and how such a great story came into existence. Take the rest you need.


    Defiant Elk! ^_^

    Kate from Iowa

    Seriously, don’t worry about it. Other webcomics take hiatuses (I have no idea if that’s a word or not) all the time. Do what you need to. We’ll be here.

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