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Know Your Place Page 10

March 20th, 2017

Chapter 14, Page v10

At the end, we come back to the beginning. You may recognize the name of this ship. If not, follow the next step in Jassart’s journey in Birds of a Feather.

That wraps up our vignette! I’d like to thank Robin for all her hard work on it. I love her art and her storytelling ability. You can see a lot more of both when you read her fabulous webcomic Leylines!

We return on Wednesday with Chapter 15 The Balance of¬†Elements. You can see¬†two of the new characters we’re going to meet when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    I really enjoyed this vignette! Jassart is my favourite character (possibly together with Cienan and Bertrande the old alchemist), so it was fun to learn more about him.


    Nothing good will come of this, but it is your funeral pyre. Would you like your soul well done or extra inferno crispy good sir.


    “The director said ‘Here, eat an apple. It’ll make you look like even more of an asshole.'” XD


    Wonder what Viv would have to say about her beau’s backstory.

    Eric, out of curiosity, what kind of rating would you give SbN? PG because of language and blood (lookin’ at you, Elk)?
    I’m trying to classify my own writing, but the goal posts seem to keep moving on me.

      If she found out, Viv would shoot him. Immediately. He better hope she never finds out.

      I rate SbN as PG-13. I have a number of adult themes going on, and as you point out we have language and blood. I should work in more smooching.


        Not that I’m shocked, but it is a mild surprise to know that Vivienne would shoot Jassart outright without a public trial. Frankly, I wouldn’t disagree with her reaction, but I am always cautious about condoning vigilante justice, even (or especially) when I agree with it, if only because I prefer to see the law upheld whenever possible. I don’t think the outcome of a trial would be in Jassart’s favor since this appears to be the equivalent of Pre-Revolutionary France (and even Post-Revolutionary France would likely see him executed), but it would be the proper course of action. Regardless, it’s great to have such revealing character information from the author. Thank you! :)

          Vivienne would be confused by the expectation of a public trial. She is part of the First Estate. Her father is the Governor General of Aradie. It is her duty to uphold justice and punish the wicked. She doesn’t see herself as a vigilante at all. If she errs, there will be an Inquisition and she will be censured.

      Kate from Iowa

      Yes, by all means, let’s look at Elk more…*waggles eyebrows*

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