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Know Your Place Page 9

March 15th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page v9

Burn. Burn it all. Let everything be ashes.

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    “Burn. Burn it all. Let everything be ashes.”

    King Aerys II Targaryen approves of this message. >:)


    Much as I detest Jassart, I would have to hire an expeditionary team to go on digs to discover some sympathy for these ppl. But then, I have a heart of stone, unless it’s a wee kitty. :3


    Is that brown silhouette in the first panel a tribute to Escher?

      I don’t think so. That’s Robin’s way of de-emphasizing a background character. I’ll poke Robin and see if she has anything more to add.


        I actually meant the shape, similar to the figures in the first Escher print on that pinterest page.

      It is as Eric said: Just a way of de-emphasizing a background character. What was important was the impression of movement, not the exact details of the people involved. I wanted most of the attention on Jassart for that panel.

    Thursday Violist

    Jassart and the manitou sitting in a tree
    First comes the sparks
    Then comes the cinders
    Then come the fire-fighter carriage.


    M. LeBlanc is telling this story about he likes setting things alight to a fire-manitou. Clearly they are going to get along like a house on fire.


      Are you trying to fan the flames of a pun war? Last pun war I was in I got burned pretty bad, so I suppose the old adage applies… “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the brushfire”.


    You know, I didn’t think it was possible for me to like Jassart any less than I already did. You have proven me wrong!

    Whatever fate the spirits of the New World have in store for him, he’s got coming, and I have ZERO sympathy.


      Fun point is now I start to sympathize with him. He lost it in the ark were he just betrayed his more or less best friend but after see him now. Well I can understand him a little bit. He is still a jerk but at least he has now the excuse for seeing the haven before he fall to hell.


      Really, DLKmusic? They steal everything from him, abuse him and accuse him of killing the person he cares about most. If you tear a person down and call them a monster, who is responsible when they show you who they could be at their worst? Imagine your mother dies of cancer and the mayor takes all of your money, your house and gets you fired from your job, justifying it by saying you caused her cancer. Would you _not_ want to burn his house down?


        You know WHY everyone’s attention was on the fire? Because fire can spread and destroy whole town.


        Jassart, and Jassart alone, is responsible for his own actions. He does not get a pass because the world is terrible to him. It’s up to him to be the better man in this and he’s proven he’s unwilling. Yes, I get his frustration and anger, that doesn’t mean he has to give in to it. Ask Anakin how well that worked out.


          Start kicking your dog for something and when he bites you tell me he’s responsible for biting you.

          I’m not arguing what he did wasn’t villainous, but you can’t say the didn’t bring it on themselves.

        Kate from Iowa

        In no way is wanting to burn his house down the same or even equivalent to burning down one building, looting the others and then setting them on fire behind you too with absolutely no regard for who may get hurt as long as your feeling or pique is satisfied. No one is saying that Jassart wasn’t hurt or that what the villagers did to him wasn’t monstrously unfair, but he doesn’t get out of this with a pat on the head and an “oh, poor baby.”


          Well said, Kate from Iowa. Well said.


          What I was trying to say is that yes, they were Monstrously Unfair, so should any of them be surprised that they created a monster? Was what Jessart did right? No. Was what he did understandable? I’d argue yes. Absolutely.

        Binge Reader

        This is more than just burning a house down, this is stealing someone’s lively hood from them and then setting a fire that’ll burn down the town and killing the innocents among the townspeople. The Adults may have taken everything from Jassart but what of their children, who’re probably in bed sleeping currently. Should they be punished for their parent’s mistakes?


        Rather than going on a rant about how monstrously unfair life is… to everyone… I’m simply going to stand behind what Kate from Iowa and Malvaerin said. Well spoken, both of you!

        This ceased being about justice, it ceased being about vengeance. This is a sociopath who’s leash has been cut and wants to leave nothing behind him that can’t be carried on his person.


        As for your question about my mother dying of cancer, she died of a stroke in 2007, and that comment was both offensive and in incredibly poor taste. I will answer this though

        about 15 years ago, I had music enough for two CD’s fully produced, and what I thought was copyrighted properly. Unfortunately, some bastard stole those copyrights, and is making money on my music. To compound th issue, there is a court order forbidding me to even perform said music.

        As ANY artist will tell you, that is literally a chunk of my soul that has been ripped away. I admit that I sometimes Fantasize taking a baseball bat to the bastard, but it doesn’t give me the right to do so, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t give me the right to burn down the homes of his neighbors.


          Needed to make a name just for this conversation.

          Leading in with: Sorry about your copyright fam, and also about your mother.

          Serious question though. If you pick a fight with a tiger and the tiger rips out your throat and then eats you, who’s problem is that?

          This attack on a fictional character seems to be hinged on a pretty narrow view of right and wrong. Instead of doing the math and going “strong-willed, abused individual escapes the frying pan that is his home life to land in the fire of humanity’s worst forms of malice” we’re running with “yeah, but he should like, get over it bro”. Not everyone gets over it. Not everyone has to. Fighting to not be a “monster” doesn’t make him better than the person who focuses his energy on exacting an aggressive revenge plot, and standing on the moral high-ground by saying that the townspeople don’t deserve this is saying that their actions, while cruel, are somehow ok because they’re not “that bad”.

          If you took “a baseball bat to the bastard” it would be illegal.

          It also wouldn’t be wrong.


          I think we should remind ourself that not all things are black and white and that there are very many shades of Grey between them. Having a more or less understandable reason to go on a revenge rampage doesn’t make it any more legal and ususally also doesn’t make his revenge morally justified, but it does make a significant difference in what to think about the person. In causing more or less senseless destruction and harming bystanders and People who just went with the flow instead of actively harming him, Jassarts revenge surely is over the top and far in the “dark grey” area, but he doesn’t act like a vile monster here, he acts very much human, though not human in the good sense of the word. If you are in great grieve and despair, it is human to lash out blindly against those who caused your grieve, though you shouldn’t give in to that urge. It is also – sadly – very much human to generalize when being harmed out of a group and not to distinguish for individual guilt.


          @LiterallyJustForThis: Thank you for your thoughts. I’m in my late 50’s and I do have to let the past stay in the past. The rest of the family asked me to write something for her funeral, and that was what actually got me to sit down at my piano again.

          I don’t want to be “That guy” that runs an argument into the ground just for the sake of arguing. You do make some valid points, and some that I would argue against, but since we’ve both had our say, let’s shake hands and share a drink, and agree to disagree on Jassart.

          @Someguy: Same thing! Have a drink, bro, it’s on me!

          @Myth: You try hard to keep the comments section friendly, and if I’ve crossed the line with these previous two comments, please accept my apology.

          You all are going pretty good at keeping this civil. We stepped pretty close to the line, but we drew back. I’m glad to see this must discussion about my messed up antagonist. I’m also glad that the next chapter switches focus back to Blaise. We need a break!


          Definitely in agreement with @LiterallyJustForThis


    Sick burn, man.

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