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Know Your Place Page 4

February 27th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page v4

Jassart finds a mentor at the start of his life when he needs him the most, and the mentor finds Jassart when he is at the end of his. You can see how Jassart takes to his new career as a shoemaker when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Emerald City Comic Con is in 3 days and I’m in no way ready. 0% readiness. I still have to finish the script for Chapter 15 (which is almost done). I may completely implode, but if not, I’ll be at Table C-15 along with stupendous Steph Stober.



    Judging from his family name, this cordwainer came from a long line of cordwainers.

      Yes, he is. Jassart would have been a charcoaler just like his father. Social mobility was difficult under the Ancien Regime and in Saronne.


    “Best of all, I finally got the chance to wash off the coal and stop leaving those big black footprints…”

    The vote incentive is cute!


    I’m loving how Jassart’s hairstyle hasn’t changed over the years. It makes me smile.


    So Jassart knows a valuable trade, but didn’t stick to it even when he appears to have had a clear line of succession to own an established business? His background becomes more an more interesting and further illustrates the degree to which he follows his ambition.

    Good luck at ECCC! I wish I could be there this year to say hello, but unfortunately the tickets sold out long before I could make arrangements.


      Soooo, would you prefer comic based on Jassart making shoes? Personally, I think it will be boring.

        Think of the agony of da feet! It will be a sole changing experience.


        I find it odd that you’d come to that conclusion after reading my post, particularly since I clearly stated otherwise, but at least Myth’s puns help to heel the trolling. ;)


          No, that was the conclusion I reached after reading previous page comments and skimming over your post. Sorry, should’ve read it properly … it was DLKmusic who I would like to accuse of that.

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