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Know Your Place Page 1

February 15th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page v1

Today we begin Know Your Place, a vignette illustrated by Robin Childs of Ley Lines. If you don’t know her and he work, then I’m happy to introduce you. She’s a great storyteller and excellent artist. I highly recommend Leylines. She also consults as a writing coach and editor.

Jassart is pretty private about his backstory, but Talons-that-Seek insists that it’s necessary. Power is a tempting lure for Jassart. When you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics, you can see Young Jassart.


    Siva Smith

    Is it just me, or does the intendant look like a certain oatmeal-brand… I’d say mascot, but it’s a human. Logo?

    Falling Star

    I like that fire is sight and air is sound. It goes to show that, yes, magic has rules and limitations, and you simply can’t just do whatever you want with it at any given moment. It makes it more real for me.
    So what would earth and water be? Earth for touch and water for taste? What would aether be? I wanna know more!

      Strangely enough, there are five senses and five elements.
      Fire – sight (it provides the light to see)
      Air – sound (voices carry on the wind)
      Water – taste (the only element you can ingest)
      Earth – touch (the only element you can feel)
      Aether – smell (the most elusive sense; scent triggers emotions more than any other sense)

      It may be time to do a another almanac entry.


    The past is over. Let’s talk about the future.

    Somehow, I had always assumed Jassart was the kind of guy who’d fixate on past injustices. So this approach is unexpected, but I rather like it!

    But of course we need TTS to put a stop to that, so we get to hear the backstory. ;)


    That fire effect around the borders is both thematically fitting and seriously well-done. Kudos to Robin!


    awww yisss, incoming backstory!

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