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Chapter 14 Page 23

January 18th, 2017

Chapter 14 Page 23

Three paths lead to Sherbourg. One by sea, one through the forests, and one by river. The river path is blocked by Fort Beffroi. I’m assured by Nicholas, my French translator that the name is a pun on Fort Carillon. What is Fort Carillon? You might know it better by it’s British name – Fort Ticonderoga.

A special shout out to Lori Krell for helping with the map on this page!

Toothy Kit left her mark on this page. Can you see where? And of course please vote for Snow by Night to see Viv and Marguerite plan their strategy.

My health continues to get better. I’ve been to the gym every day since leaving the hospital. Lots of walking and a little cycling. I’ll need all that health. I’ve got lots of plans for 2017, such as:

  • Collect Chapters 1-4 into Volume 1. This will later happen this month.
  • Kickstart the printing of Volume 3
  • Start a Patreon. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but events keep interfering. Like this whole cancer thing.


    John Campbell

    I’m finding this kind of weird, because I live right about where they’re pointing in panel 3.


    Long-distance intelligence capability, even without knowing the reliability of the “omens” that serve as the intel in question, is a huge boon for any nation, especially if it uses a channel that the enemy cannot use and/or doesn’t know about.

    “News travels fast” indeed.


    I’m delighted by Vivienne and Marguerite’s grudging attempts to cooperate.


    I’m assuming the comment about Toothy Kit’s mark is the part where she alerted her grandmother long-distance about the fort falling?

    And that map is quite nice, indeed.

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