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Chapter 14 Page 20

December 19th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 20

Cienan reveals that serves the Speaker of Mysteries and the Keeper of Secrets. They are one in the same. Opposite sides of the same coin. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic and see Mathilde’s final reaction to this revelation.


    David of Rascia

    @Crestlinger It is the fox Reynard.


    Have to wonder who the fox with the flag in the background is supposed to represent, if anyone.

      It’s a reference to someone from real world folklore who has not appeared in this comic. And probably won’t. So it’s an Easter egg for those who can put the clues together.


    That should be “one AND the same.”


      Agreed. I see this error all the time and it bugs me to no end. “One and the same” means they are one, they are the same. “One in the same” makes no sense.

        Since you all are reading the journal so closely, you know that I’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer. My life is a parade of doctors, consultants, and insurance. I wrote the journal entry very quickly between phone calls so that I could get the page up. I didn’t proofread it. With everything else going on in my life now, I don’t want to deal with this right now. Errors on the page are one thing; errors in the journal are relatively unimportant. So I’m going to ask that you please back off on this.


          My apologies if I came across too harshly. I certainly don’t want to add more stress to your life! But FWIW, it *was* an error in the comic that I was responding to; I didn’t even notice that the same error was repeated in the journal.

          Aaaargh. Peste. I’ll fix that with today’s update.

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