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Chapter 14 Page 18

December 12th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 18.

Cienan reveals what he really wants from Mathilde. He wants her future. Someone else is happy to met Mathilde. See for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Surgery is set for January 11! I’m crossing my fingers that they just need to replace my bile duct and don’t have to go into the pancreas at all. Thank you all for the support. I hope to be with you all for a long time to come. We live in an age of miracle and wonder.



    Good luck with the surgery.


    “Will you take the blue pill or the red pill?”


    Good luck with the surgery! I’ll be praying for you.

    Possession 101:

    Eager spirit? Check.
    Willing (unwittingly or not) host? Check.

    All that remains is the actual deed and the details of how complete and controlling the possession is in this universe. Also, this reminds me of the “must be invited inside” rule that (some) vampires/dragons have to obey, which nearly always involves some trickery. Speaking of which, Cienan is a dirty, rotten so-and-so who relies on deception and a lack of full disclosure, which is the hallmark of unprincipled / unscrupulous characters, but every story needs a primary antagonist, and he’s an excellent one.

    I feel sorry for Mathilde, but I’m curious to see how all of this plays out now and in the future.


    Yeah! take the red pill!! though she should ask why first. Is it as simple as he’s looking to train up his replacement? It probably is, but you can never really tell with Cienan. Plus there’s going to be all kinds of rumors if Mathilde is going to be seen around Cienan as much as she will.
    Ohhh, that’s probably going to burn Jassart, haha.

    good luck on the surgery! you’re going to kick this thing in the rear!!


      Maybe he’ll train Mathilde as his replacement and move to Saronne! Then Mathilde can be all, “Oh, I’m acting on behalf of the owner of this mansion, who lives in Saronne and communicates by letters. Yes, I too think it’s a funny coincidence…”


    I kinda feel like I’m missing a page; it seems like a sudden jump from tears and blackmail-ish stuff to “trust me and also be my trusted student.” But I still like where this is going. Wherever that is.


    Cienan’s an excellent villain, but I know I’d take the red pill he’s offering in a heartbeat.


    ‘When the apprentice is ready the master shall appear.’


    Best wishes with the surgery!

    Man, do I like Cienan. He’s sly, but never quite…evil, for lack of a better word. Just very, very shrewd.


      I’m still slightly on the fence about it and I’ll abstain on making that judgment call until I know at least a little more about that door and the ritual she just unwittingly partook in..


    Best of luck with the surgery ,I was instantly hooked when I started reading about a month ago :)


    Best of luck with the surgery next month, I’m not a long time reader but I started a month ago and was instantly hooked


    The asking is probably magically important even, given this setting.

    Best wishes on getting your troublesome bile duct replaced!


    Wishing you the best of luck with the surgery. In a month’s time from now, you’ll know how it went!

    Cienan is… even more Cienanish than I expected. So he didn’t really “blackmail” her into anything except hearing his offer. And in the process, established himself as the slyest fox in Sherbourg… once again. Damn I like this guy.

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