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Chapter 14 Page 15

November 30th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 15

Plan A doesn’t work, so Mathilde tries a different kind of attack. “First the sugar, then the spice?” Cienan seems unfazed, but Mathilde’s got one more angle to try on the next page. To see her last-ditch effort, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    In realm of negotiations dear sweet flower you have just gaffed horribly. You have certainly let him know that you are in a position to be commanded around now. You used tactics that would have worked well on someone like Jassart, Blaise, or some lesser man, but he is a man of power who even the Governor has a respect for and worry over. That was not the best hand of cards you just bluffed with and he is about to call it.


    I have to say, I love Cienan. I could read an entire comic about this guy ^^


    The voting previous has me really, really worried. I don’t especially *like* Mathilde, but I don’t hate her either!


    Today I learned a new word: prurient. Thank you Snowby Night!


    Ya know, it might be a good idea to find out what he wants before you start bargaining/negotiating.threatening…

    Just sayin


      Yes, this right here is a very important point. When people feel backed into a corner, they usually respond by trying to cajole and flatter, or by becoming aggressive. Quite honestly, neither approach works very well on most people, most of the time. And with someone like Cienan, it’s probably the worst way to go. Far better to bide one’s time and wait for the other person to tell you what they’re looking for before you formulate a response. I like Mathilde, on the whole, so I hope that her “last resort” is a smarter one!


        Great minds think alike, Ikwig! I still believe that Ciernan is the devil Incarnate, and she’s gonna come out on the short end of the stick when it’s all said and done, but. Find out what he wants before you start making offers, and you might be able to add a little bit more length to that short end.


          Why such animus towards Ciernan?


          Oh, Cienan isn’t the devil. The devil makes deals with people to get their soul; Cienan makes deals with spirits to give them a body. He’s the opposite of the devil. (Though he might still be evil of course.)


    Oh my. Well she lost that one big time. Shouldn’t have taken a confrontational tone.

    No wonder she was stuck with Jassart! :-D

    A shame, Cienan is much better. Oh well.


    Well, I told you so. Also goddammit, man, spit it out already! :D


    ooooh, that’s probably not the best weapon of choice if we’re going to compare crimes. Unless Mathilde has dirt on him that compares to her crime of fraud against the crown. (although…*looks at chapter cover*…)


      It doesn’t really matter how bad the dirt she could dish about him is in comparison to her own crime, but how much he fears the impact of her possible attack on his reputation. They are not direct competitors, he has probably nothing to gain by ruining her, so the effect of the threat only depends on the possible consequences for him. On the other hand, he knows that he has her cornered, since his Information can certainly ruin her business and bring her a jail sentence at the very least and there is nothing she could really do to prevent that. Thus it would indeed be better negotiation tactics to ask him first which deal he had in mind before switching to threats of mutual destruction.

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