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Chapter 14 Page 8

November 7th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 8

Marguerite spells out the harsh truth of her appointment to Vivienne. By the process of elimination, Marguerite accepted the risk to her gloire for the sake of her country. Looks like Saronne is in more trouble than Vivienne knew.

Speaking of trouble, our next page shifts the scene elsewhere. You can vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see who’s next in line for a surprise visit.



    yep status nests all the way.


    *gets popcorn*

    *gets butter*

    *gets vodka*

    Ok, all set.


    Well that’s a fun rivalry rekindled… They are both immature, entitled spoiled brats, but I suspect they will both have a chance to grow up. If they don’t screw up, they might even become the women they think they already are… :-P I don’t think they’ll ever be friends, but they might learn to respect each other. Or not. :-D


      The risk, of course, is whether their spoiled, entitled immaturity will let them get to the point where they can develop that respect.



      (I secretly think it would be wonderful if they did become friends!)

    Introverted Chaos

    I may not like Marguerite, but I’ll admit she rocks that uniform really well.

    The Shadow

    ‘Offered’? What happened to giving orders?

      Introverted Chaos

      Something to remember about colonial-era military officers is that they’re nobles *before* they’re officers. It’s actually very possible for an officer to be lower rank in the military, but a higher rank in the nobility. Thus it’s not difficult for political shenanigans to supersede the chain of command, particularly where assignments are concerned.


    Too late to join the other side of this little conflict? With idiots like this in charge…..



    I have to hand it to Marguerite, even though her motivation is likely showing cooperation where others balk and expecting (hoping for) a dazzling victory to cement her a higher standing at court, the effect is that she has brought a sense of preparedness and order with her, which is something that is needed. Whether she can live up to her own expectations, well, that is another thing altogether.


    “My country needs me. So here I am”.
    My respect for Marguerite has grown several inches. She seems like a Noble Bigot, above the level of her gloire-seeker peers.

    But yeah, they are fucked.

      that guy

      Something tells me she had reasons beyond duty to the country, if you know what I mean.


      There is no way she is there because “her country needs her” unless I’m grossly misunderstanding the way Marguerite is. She has a bitter rivalry with Vivienne. This is just a dominance display.

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