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Chapter 13, Page v5

Da bears come to stay. It was a rough trip for them and their first years in the New World were hard. Famine, disease, and more were all overcome with the help of the native allies. How did the colonists pay them back? Defiant Elk has some thoughts on that when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

So I’m trying something a little different today. Some commenters have noted that the RSS feed leads to the journal page and not to the comic page. This is because our RSS feed is based on our WordPress site. To make it easier to get to the comic page, I’ve put the link up there at the top. Does it help? Is this something I should continue? Let me know your thoughts.



    You know, I still look forward to updates. I’ve been reading this for… six years now, and it’s still beautiful and moving and funny.

    Thank you, Eric and the rest of the gang, for all of this.

      Awwww! Thank you, Greg! I really appreciate that you’ve stuck with me since 2010. The ending will be worth it, I promise. And I can tell you exactly where the ending will be. It’s Chapter 24 so we’ll have 6 volumes with 4 chapters each. Each volume is themed off of one of the alchemical processes.


    Yes! That link works! I know you have put the link in the text of your post in the past, but for some reason I was never able to click on it directly to go to the comic. But this one went directly there, no sweat.

      That’s kinda weird that it wouldn’t link for you before. Hmmm. I can keep the link at the top like that no problem if that is working out well for you.


    I said it on the last page too, but I like the link directly at the top—makes it easier to find right away (I don’t like reading what you’ve written before seeing the comic page, as it’s potential spoilers!).

      And the pages are going to get a lot more spoilory as we go along. We’re in the second half of the story so it’s going to a wild ride for the next 11 chapters.


    I still want to be a bear, even if a little something like food poisoning has to happen first. I’ve survived that before without being a bear, so I can manage it again as a bear, I reckon.

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